What's happening with Fox

I just watched how Fox News cut away from Trump’s press secretary conference yesterday. Isn’t it up to the viewer to decide if they want to listen to her allegations or not. or have we become puppets of the Press. I guess Fox is now Twitter. I recommend watching OAN channel going forward (except for the Carson, Hannity, Laura and Jessy of course).

Actually, each news organization decides what to show on any given time. Since they can’t show everything. The viewer gets to choose what channel to watch.

If FOX wants to be regarded as having more credibility than that of, say, Breitbart or OAN or Infowars then they can’t promote crazy conspiracy theories and allegations with zero evidence like they were CNN. :wink:

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Right they decide what to cover, but they had decided to cover her interview… So why cut it in the middle of her talk? The reporter claimed they were taking it off air because there was no proof… Exactly the same as Twitter. But you are right we can decide what to watch and for me I will dump Fox again except for certain Trust worthy programs and go to OAN for the rest!

Wasn’t that during Cavuto’s broadcast? He’s an opinion commentator that might actually have some discretion to make such a call.

That is correct.

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They said why.

They said they couldn’t in good conscience continue to give her a platform to spout off unsupported accusations of widespread fraud.

She wasn’t acting as presidential press secretary, she said she was acting as a private citizen.


In the past week, I have seen a flood-tide of anger with how Fox has handled the election coverage. For years, viewers who wanted the opportunity to hear a conservative viewpoint had nowhere to go, but now there are options - Newsmax, OAN, The National Pulse, a variety of podcasts. So Fox is no longer in the position of doling out just enough content that satisfies conservatives, while the wife of a CEO is reportedly tweeting “We did it.”
Speaking only for myself, the gold standard on Fox right now is Tucker Carlson. I also like Greg Gutfeld and Steve Hilton, and like it when they bring in commentary from Victor Davis Hansen, Tammy Bruce, Dagen McDowell, Greg Jarrett, John Solomon, Dan Bongino, Candace Owens. There are others I like, but find their format a bit stale.
Right now, you have a lot of media moving toward the subscription model and away from ad-based. But it all comes down to the same thing, you want to keep eyes on the screen and hold on to your audience. I personally have been moving away from a lot of subscription based content, which, unfortunately eliminates OAN as an option, but we do get Newsmax, which has improved significantly in the past year.

That was Neil Cavuto. He is either a liberal, or a never Trumper.

OAN is my choice for just the news. I would add Greg Gutfeld, Tyrus, and the Fox and Friends crews to your list.

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Which is bs for a few reasons. Do you believe he never aired allegations by someone in an administration that were disputed before? And isn’t a press secretary doing so news regardless of whether or not it’s true?

Case in point

Regardless of your opinion on the validity of cutting McEnany off, that was the explanation they gave.

And it was BS, Trump and Cavuto have a little feud going.

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You’re doing the trump thing of assuming all criticism is personal or some sort of feud.

I am not assuming they have been sniping back and forth for months. And stop and think about it from a news perspective, he believes the press secretary is telling a big lie, so he cuts away? How does that make sense? Are lies from government officials no longer newsworthy?

I don’t accept that as fact. It really seems to me like you’re taking a news anchor’s lack of subservience to a politician as some sort of sin.

The news should be news worthy. Someone repeating the same shtick they have for days, without evidence, is not news worthy.

Here is cavuto’s quote as to why he cut away:

“She’s charging the other side as welcoming fraud and illegal voting. Unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue to show you this,”

It’s newsworthy. And the notion he never allowed any coverage of any allegation that was unproven is just laughable.

Pretty convenient that you can switch on/off like that. :smile:

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I’m actually beginning to regain a bit of respect for Fox again. Facts are starting to matter to some on their station again.

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I am laughing, that part you nailed.

This other bit about a notion is something I guess you can hold onto. I don’t see it that way. I saw a news anchor take responsibility for not allowing blatant bs on his air time.

So what did we miss? What news did she make that Fox news censored from you?