What's Going on in Texas?

Are they actually going to vote a GOP jester to the Texas State Board of Education? Who was voting for this guy? I don’t know, do they take education seriously there anymore?

So the runoff election is in April. Can’t wait to see those results!

" Leaders of his own party may disavow him, but more than 54,000 central Texas Republican voters embraced Robert Morrow on Tuesday, sending the man with a profanity-laced record of sexist, racist and conspiracy-laden tweets into a runoff for a seat on the body that decides what Texas children are taught in the classroom."

No chance of a corrupted election system? Just nasty people everywhere?


With small-scale elections like that it wouldn’t surprise me if most of them voted blindly based on the names on the ballot.

To be fair, Democratic voters advanced a woman under felony indictment to the runoff in a Texas judge election. Some people are obviously Christmas treeing the ballot.


He may have been first on the ballot or something. I didn’t vote in the primaries myself, as there was no real contest I was interested in. A lot of people just start punching names because they like the sound of the name or they are first on the ballot.
There’s a good chance many of the people who voted for him had no idea about him.

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One reason why I am not a fan of the “long ballot.” Most people aren’t inclined to do the homework necessary to vote a long ballot on an informed basis. Thus, many lower offices get Christmas treed.

In Florida, the State Board of Education and the Commissioner of Education are both appointed by the Governor.

Only four Statewide offices in Florida, Governor, Attorney General, Chief Financial Officer and Commissioner of Agriculture.

As for Judges, having partisan elections is stupid.

Florida elects its Judges in non-partisan elections, but actual contested elections are infrequent, due to the fact that retiring Judges generally retire mid term and are replaced by merit selection. So a lot of potential Judicial elections in Florida are avoided entirely, which is a good thing.

Texas just has too many things on the ballot.

He was elected as the Republican Party Chairman in Travis County in ‘16. Were you really trying to do the voter fraud thing to explain this away?

Voter fraud isn’t a thing. This guy getting on ballots and people voting for him is.

That isn’t “Texas” it’s one district.

He was probably the only candidate on the ballot for that seat and the voters just blindly checked him off.

That’s Austin, no surprise, it’s filled with nuts.

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No, he wasn’t the only Republican on the ballot.



Correct, he also didn’t win a majority and will get his clock cleaned in the runoff.

It’s Austin and his only real platform is hatred of Trump so picking up 40% of the vote isn’t a shocker.

Yes, I’m correct.

The other candidates didn’t win a majority either.

His “only real platform” is of trump hatred is incorrect. He also has hate of Hillary. And supporting pole dancing and tweeting pics of women’s breasts. And he got more votes than any other Republican.

Not according to the local papers reporting on him.

Lol sure.

From the same paper you quoted.

Morrow is known for wearing a jester’s hat, and his top campaign issue is "to impeach, convict and remove Donald Trump and throw his sorry ass in prison."

This is probably what won him all those Texas Republican votes.

“He also wants to include a critical view of Hillary Clinton in all textbooks under a chapter title would use a crude term often referenced toward women.”

It’s Travis county where the highest concentration of lunatics in the state can always be found.

I know. We’re discussing the Texas Republicans.


No, we’re discussing one district in Travis county.