Whatever happened to due process?

I 100% agree Judge Ford should be heard, this is a serious allegation against Judge Kavanaugh, but at this point that’s all it is, a ALLEGATIONS. The left already have this man convicted and sentenced. Even putting a plan in place if they win the house back if he’s confirmed They’ve already decided this mans guilty without due process and accuse the right of killing our democracy. I’m not a member of either party or back one. I have news for everyone, that is not how a democracy works, that’s how a POLICE STATE works. What’s next? Have the police use SS tactics because your neighbor didn’t serve the right wine at dinner. We even have The View saying “he’s probably guilty,” really no day in court? By the way weren’t they going to leave the county two years ago. Regardless of the outcome, due process is every Americans right not just one political party.

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