What would YOU do to protect YOUR Home or Business from Rioters & Looters?

a banana clip might work against General Ursus…

hopefully it will not come to that… but I’m afraid you may be right

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As far as I see it you have two choices, stand your ground or retreat. And sadly I live in a state where I am required to retreat if possible. In a few years when I retire I will move to a state where I can stand my ground.

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Florida has a good Stand Your Ground law. If it is determined to be a good, lawful shoot, it also insulates you from being sued civilly.

A few years ago here in Austin a man broke into a house. The homeowner saw him coming in through the front window. He grabbed his Glock 9mm and emptied the 13 round clip, hitting the guy 12 times. The next day a reporter at the scene asked the police lieutenant if he thought that firing all 13 rounds was excessive.
And the cop said, “Nope”.


This was a popular motto some years ago when as a much younger man made sense when solving “conflict resolution”.
Hasn’t lost its luster in my opinion. Threaten the wrong man and his family or break into his home, doesn’t matter who the ■■■■ they are, they’re getting greased.


Sam0 samo except I prefer my Remington 870 shotgun for close quarters work. I’ll save my AR15 for longer distances.


I was talking about defending yourself against a mob. I’m good with my pistols for home defense, The Judge is to me perfect.

Especially if they was all frontal hits.

The Judge is illegal in CA. That bums me out. I think it would be great for in home protection.

I hear razor-lined trump signs are pretty effective. They’ll be too busy dicing their fingers to bother breaking in.

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I have a shotgun and pistols. If it’s a mob the pistols make more sense because of more shots available without reloading.

Hope it never comes to that.

…especially when loaded with the special home load .410 shotgun shell.

My grandmother used to own a .410 which she used against varmints.

We have a different sort of varmint problem these days.

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A “home defender” w/ 7 rounds of 12 GUAGE .00
and a 1911 w/ 7 stacked and 2-3 magazines ready should put a dent in a pain in the ass mob while I reload that 12 GUAGE doncha think?

An older Mossberg 12 gauge that I keep loaded with .00 and my Ruger.

Those are my self defense firearms at home.

That said, I live in the boonies. The cretins pulling this crap tend to just target city people so I’m not to worried about them.


I’ve got a dog…and he’s big…and he barks…and he growls…and he runs away if you come at me. :sunglasses:

If it’s a mob one shot is usually enough to get them to react like a bunch of roaches with the lights turned on.

First of all. Conservatives are horrible at this. They have proved countless times that they can take a punch. What they have not shown is a willingness to defend themselves. They have little courage. They don’t fight back. They cower. It’s embarrassing.

What would I do? Nobody is coming to my upper middle class red neighborhood. But if they did. I would sit in a lawn chair with my 10 shot .22 rifle in my lap. Why a .22? Because it can be used to wound without being deadly. If would be my choice to make it deadly. It anyone enters my property, I ask them to leave. If they refuse, I physically eject them. If they move on me in a group, I shoot the first one in the shoulder and see what happens next. That is how I picture it. In reality? Who knows?

That’s what i figure too.

SAIGA 12 gauge with a 25 round drum, 2 3/4 00.