What would YOU do to protect YOUR Home or Business from Rioters & Looters?

First, I will say I would never want to harm another human being. Not even a total dirtbag.

Having said that I would NOT allow anyone to enter my home or business to loot or burn. Period.

I would be guarding it with a banana clip in, & would shoot everyone who entered. Immediately. I would not want to, but I would. If I did the first one, I would hope the rest would leave. But if not, I would pile them up until THEY stopped the attack.

I think the police & citizens should all have this policy till the looting & burning stops.

What would you do?


He’s saying if you want the violence to stop you must elect Biden.

It’s a threat.

As for protecting your home, property etc. You do what you have too. But that won’t stop libs from prosecuting you.

In their world you must submit.





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Elect Joe biden. That’s a kind of an ironic answer. Considering biden has been vice president during ferguson and Baltimore rioting. And a 47 year track record of not really doing a thing.


Why do we have these threads every four years? Be afraid, be very, very afraid. The big old Democrat bogyman is coming to get you. Geez Ceasar you really overdo this. If we were going all socialist/communist it would have happened when Obama was POTUS. Your yelling at the sky is just getting laugh out loud funny.


But what if they maced you?

This is what will happen.

It will reward mob action.

Not a good thing.

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You fight with fearlessness until you can fight no more.

I can’t say because I really don’t know. Something like what’s being suggested has never happened in my life but I’m prepared for the worst. I also love my family more than the fear of facing what ever it is, that comes my way.

I’d hire a teenager for security. Give him a single magazine and a med kit. Maybe a pair of gloves.


I’d take the defund/abolish the police movement much more seriously if the same people weren’t also targeting self-defense.


I’m with you. Same steps if needed.


I am in the same financial position. But that is not deterring me from making sure Trump is a 1-term POTUS. There is more to my life than money. I’m not saying that as a shot or anything. I get your concern, and it is fair. I just look differently at it is all.

Interested in the answers since I’ll be doing the looting and the rioting and whatnot.


Also, I am interested in the I need lots of guns because I will do anything to protect my family* types. In this context, anything usually means stuff related to the plots of thrillers, action movies, and video games.

When did Joe Biden ever call up the Democrat Mayors of Portland or Seattle and demand that they use the police to protect innocent people and property, or at least that they accept the aid of the Federal Government? After all, he is the Democratic Party.


Baloney! The riots & looting are still going on. Nobody stops it. If it was my home or business I would stop them.

Or…they would leave me be. I’d likely not be alone, there would probably be at least 6 more with me. I would warn them to leave if possible. If they did not, they would have a bad day.

I don’t consider myself Rambo, nor have any delusions as to what could happen to me. I’d still stop them. If everyone di this, the riots & looting would stop. If the law won’t, we all should.