What would happen if

… all those who do not want to be vaxed left blue states and started a new life in a patriot state that supports the constitutional principle of the God-given freedoms enshrined in the constitution, or a purple state to strengthen it’s chance of becoming redder in 2022 and 2024?


I’m sure red states would welcome such citizens, employ them, and treat them with the respect they deserve.

How would blue states fare - following Biden’s lunacy while red states live as sanctuaries from the same.

Based on the current trend a number of those unvaccinated would be hospitalised and/or die.

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Is that as deeply as you can think through the scenario?

It was an answer with absolute certitude to the question.

Then those states would eventually turn blue as well. :rofl:

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I am amused at the implied reasoning that not getting vaccinated is patriotic.


Then you drew an unreasonable inference.

Just consider what’s currently happening in cities traditionally governed by Democrats; the violence, destruction, looting and prosecutors choosing not to prosecute criminals for their crimes.

San Francisco is the perfect example where it was one of the most beautiful, prosperous cities in the US. It’s congressional representative is the speaker of the house and yet, due to what I just listed, homelessness is out of control, feces in the streets and looting so bad that’s not being punished that Walgreens is closing stores on a massive level and other businesses are leaving. This is the rest of the nation, down the road, if “blue” is left unchecked.


Why are you fear-mongering? “A number”. And “a number” of the vaccinated will have the same outcome.

COVID is bad, it’s not a death sentence.

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I disagree. The inference is plain.

If Democrat voters in highly blue states were left to suffer that environment, do you think they would eventually realise they should vote Dems out? Would red voters have a majority of seats in senate and house if the purples went red?

You have a more positive, mental attitude than myself. What they’d do is leave, go to a red area and then due to their arrogant ignorance, attempt to turn their new home into a replica of what they left.


No. They would blame it on the others. Their blind faith in the vision would never allow any such realization.

Red Replacement theory.

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What are the Conservative solutions to those problems?

It wouldn’t be the first time you and Jezcoe were both wrong together.

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How does that solve homelessness?

What are the specifics?

I also like the implication that liberals aren’t religious.

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IV, VI and IX pretty will solve that.

How is that enforced?