What will "war" in Iran look like? Your prediction?

The President let them off the hook. But Iran is vowing to strike us again. So what will this “war” look like if they succeed? Here’s my guess.

  1. The elimination of their 8 oil refineries.

  2. The elimination of their missile launch sites

  3. The destruction of their nuke facilities.

  4. The destruction of their naval ports.

Here’s what it won’t look like.

  1. U.S. tanks rolling into Tehran

  2. The U.S. Marines or 82nd airborne facing off with Iranian infantry.

I don’t think that the President has the slightest interest in nation building or invading Iran. He will simply destroy their capability to attack us. Not the “endless war” that the dems are hoping for.


You just created a whole generation of new terrorists.

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Even us just bombing the hell out of Iran has severe ramifications. From what I have been reading, many of their military installations are built around civilian populations so it would cause untold collateral damage. It would also lead to severe instability, radicalize more terrorists, cause skyrocketing fuel costs with no route to diplomacy.

Its not as simple as bomb em and its all over.

Our capability for precision strikes is amazing. (See Soleimani) But there will certainly be civilian casualties. I hope Iran considers this before attacking us. CNN will be at the ready. Sending a team over to Iran to document American atrocities.

So we shouldn’t respond due to fears of what they might do to us? What would you do then?

When you open up Pandora’s box, you don’t know what you will get. We thought Iraq would be a cakewalk and we have been in 18 years of Hell there. As Colin Powell said- you break it, you buy it. Being a war hawk is easy in the beginning. Its the clean up that is extremely messy.


You forgot one thing. Trump isn’t interested in any long term occupation. I doubt that a single American will set foot on Iranian soil. Trump has zero interest in using the Iraq strategy. Maybe less than zero.

And super accelerate them developing nuclear weapons.

I’m not talking about boots on the ground invasion- just a massive aerial bombardment. This is a good article about the issues surrounding this.

Yep…Iran learned from the Osiris bombing.

Their facilities are underground and scattered…we wouldn’t come close to eliminating them all.

Now…if we launched more Stuxnets, maybe?

Do you think that they are not moving as fast as possible right now?

Your plan just destroys their expensive setpieces but still leaves an entire state with the capability to attack Americans the same way they’ve been attacking us since the beginning of the millennium.

It’s not my plan. It’s a prediction. I don’t have a plan. What is your prediction? Is it similar to mine?

Yeah… since there is no agreement in place holding them back.

My prediction is that they will be an even bigger pain in the ass than their proxies in Iraq were.

Is that what I said?

With no other parties involved, sans maybe some NATO support roles, it would be the same outcome as Desert Storm and it would be just as quick.

One sided meat grinder.

Really, who will supply them with weapons, supplies, food and intelligence? And where exactly will they battle us?

Just like desert storm only without ground troops. If they want to fight us on the ground, they will need to plan for an away game. Which will be very tricky when all your power plants are gone and fuel depots are gone.

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so what happen after you do all that and Iran start terrorist attacks in the U.S.