What will need to happen to Democrat cities like NY and LA when the plagues break out in them?

Are you saying the opiod epidemic does not threaten communities and individuals?

  1. Reinstitute the MHSA and provide it with proper funding would be the first step in solving the problem across the nation. In LA it could possibly reduce the homeless population by 27%.

  2. Stop blaming the brown people for the problem. Most of these cities were sanctuary cities long before South Americans became the new “Them!”.

  3. Stop cutting funding for low-income housing. When the current administration does this they then blame the brown people for taking all the low-income homes. See number 2.

  4. The technology exists to turn trash into building materials. If we can it in countries like Haiti to reduce pollution and provide housing then use it in these cities to build housing for the homeless.

  5. Provide shelter for our vets that have fallen on hard times. Instead of paying lip service about how much our party loves the military, take care of those that have served. (That would knock another 7% off the homeless population in LA.)

I am sure there are more things that can be done.


Escape From New York was a great movie.

What is going to happen to whole conservative states when the plague hits because they dont want to vaccinate their children?

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SF doesn’t mean San Francisco.


Well, everyone will just have to put lamb’s blood above their doors.


Why are you personally attacking me? Are opioid addictions contagious? Is the plague?

How does anyone popping pills in their home “ravage” anything outside of those 4 walls?

You know that the bubonic plague has been around forever, right? We have warning signs out in mountain camping areas to stay away from the ground rodents…and the plague is curable these days with anti-biotics.

I remember going to NYC in the 70s and dog feces all over the place…they cleaned it up then…and compared to the way cities used to be 100 + years ago, cities are quite clean.

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Asking you how a community is being “ravaged” by a personal addiction is an “obscure question”?

If your position isn’t mush already, how can I turn it into mush?

I’m sorry for you that you felt the need to stoop to a personal attack.

I realize that you are utterly independent and self-reliant vis-a-vis the American society you hold in contempt, but to say that opiod addiction only affects those who are abusing the drugs and not the wider society where it takes place is a silly position at best.

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Well, I didn’t say that, I asked how, so there’s that.

Now, you want to explain it?

Did you read the article? There are many more out there that explain the wider social consequences of opiod addiction.

There are 400 cases in the US every year.

It hurts the families of those involved. It affects public safety when you have more and more people acting irrationally or dangerously in public due to opioid abuse, especially behind the wheel. It hurts local economies where people are unable to find reliable employees who aren’t popping pills or injecting themselves. It has the potential to cause increases in crime when people get desperate to find their next fix. And it creates an absolutely terrible relationship between doctors and patients where many are basically legalized dope dealers pushing product from Big Pharma into communities, all paid for by the government.

I grew up in rural Maine. The entire state has roughly 1.3 million people. In 2000 we had around 25 overdose deaths. 17 years later that number was 360. The overdose rate is roughly twice the national average. And those are just deaths…not including the untold thousands of people suffering behind their closed doors, hurting their families, and further weakening already damaged communities.

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I work in NYC, but if Paul came to town I’d take a couple of days off and show him the sights and a broadway play or two.


Now you shifted into victimization mode… as always.

I attacked your rhetorical style, which is not a personal attack on you. It is a criticism of course, but criticisms are not attacks unless one is looking for reasons to cloak oneself in victimization. Explain how your questions keep the discussion going rather than making your victimization the focus of the discussion.

Your calling me an addict was a personal attack because you have no factual basis for such an assertion. The attack does not matter… I don’t ape the current conservative style on always embracing victimization. I prefer to see myself as responsible for and the creator of my own life and outcomes.

My inference form your comments is that you don’t take the opiod addiction crisis in the US seriously. I have no idea why someone would believe that. Perhaps you can elucidate rather than barraging the thread with deflecting questions.


Sloppy, very sloppy. If you are going to misquote me, don’t do it immediately under the quote you are distorting. Hide my quote so readers can’t see how you are deliberately distorting what I said. You have to put a little effort in to get away with such cheap rhetorical tricks.

Are you sure you don’t mean Donald Trump?

One doesn’t want to be too pedantic but is the bubonic plague generally transferred from fleas to humans?