What will need to happen to Democrat cities like NY and LA when the plagues break out in them?

By rebelling against the legitimate rule of the Federal government by inviting in and protecting illegal immigrants, Democrat cities are becoming infested with piles of trash, rats, feces and urine, and dirty syringes. At some point plagues will break out in these close-packed populations of millions.

What ought to be the state and federal responses when this happens? Will those cities be sealed off from the rest of the US, quarantined, and those trapped inside have to take their chances at surviving until the diseases die out? Or is there some other better scenario to be followed?

Ideas anyone?

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Plagues? Its not the middle ages,is Mexico riddled with bubonic plague?

Mexico may not have “filled up the measure of her sins” yet. But sincerely, what would be the best response by state and federal governments if it happened? There are rats carrying bubonic plague in those cities now. Environmentally they appear to be heading back to the Middle Ages

Plan for the worst; hope for the best.

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Yeah it’s all the Democrats fault. Even when The White House has twice proposed eliminating the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, which coordinates efforts among more than a dozen federal agencies.

And Trump’s tax-reform bill greatly weakened the low-income tax credit. And the change in corporate write-offs for developing low income housing might mean that developers might fall behind in building up to 235,000 low income homes in the next decade. As far as I can see, the Trump administration has no interest in attacking the homeless crisis in the country.

And the problem in our cities is not just a Democrat or Republican problem. Members of both parties and Independents on the local and state level in many parts of the country have been working together to find a solution. It is not a easy problem and it certainly has been shown that it is not something that you can simply throw money at.

Classic modern conservatives position – unless we allow federal control over local government, disaster will follow.

What ever happened to conservatism???

And if you are looking for a plague – we have one – the opiod epidemic — primarily occurring in red states. But why address real threats when we can dream up fantasy threats in the future?


Agreed. I was part of the GOP from 1990 until 2016 - and a large part of that was due to wanting to limit the role of the central government. I’m not sure what philosophy the GOP is advancing now, but it sure as hell ain’t conservatism.

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Might I suggest that it is unconstrained pursuit of self interest – grabbing whatever levers of power may be available to pursue short term gains…

And, no, it has nothing to do with traditional conservatism.

Interestingly enough people thought Jews were responsible for spreading the plague in Europe,later fleeing East European Jews were blamed for bringing disease in the countries they sought refuge.

This isn’t a new kind of thinking
.It was wrong then and it is wrong now.


In NYC right now.

We are doing just fine.

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To be fair, his apocalyptic scenario included state government. And centgov is responsible for the border. And several states would be involved in doomsday. And as soon as “the plague” crosses a state line…

Real threat to what?

Rats are already carrying bubonic plague in cities? Got any evidence to back this up?

You just wait until plague infested rats get addicted to opioids with liberals’ blessing and you"ll be singing a different tune.


If only centgov would step in and save us from local libs!

We have quite a few raccoons in Brooklyn here.

I think that they would stab you with a needle first .

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Raccoons are just creepy. It’s their little hands.


I live right by a large cemetery, sometimes when I come home late at night from work I see them running down the street in packs.

Those little trash Pandas are cute… but they are getting out of control.

I had a family of them hanging out on the fire escape to my bedroom window and I live on the third floor.

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Dr Drew was on the tube last week predicting just such an out break because of the massive influx of illegals.

There’s already been 2 or 3 cases of Typhoid Fever. Another old sickness.

Still waiting for evidence that rats in US cities are currently carrying plague.

CDC reports over the last several decades show that when plague actually does occur, it typically shows up in smaller towns and rural areas. Maybe centgov needs to step in and take over there?

The only outbreak that we have going on in NYC are from people who are citizens but won’t vaccinate for measles.