What will happen next with the black vote?

Will it be more democratic, less democratic or remain the same? I’m predicting a slight shift away from the democrats.

I think we are getting to the point where some blacks may be getting a little tired of rich white liberals telling them what’s good for them. Liberals have taken their neighborhoods, which were not good to begin with and turned them into their perfect vision of hell. Their businesses and jobs are gone. Neighborhoods transformed into war zones. Murders and other crimes have gone through the roof since libs decided to declare war on police. They still spread the lie that police department racism is the primary cause of inner city strife. Well people who actually have to live with the decisions that rich white liberals make, may have a different point of view. Many may simply throw up their hands and say “I’ve had enough of this ■■■■■ and either switch parties or not vote at all. I certainly do not think this has won them any additional votes.

Do you?

A massive demo shift after Trump issues The New Emancipation Proclamation.

It’s gonna take some time to undo what dimocrats have done though.

Hopefully not too long.

And who keeps labeling black people as rioters, looters, and terrorists every time they try to organize a movement to bring attention to their mistreatments. Or just dismisses what they’re saying altogether?

Oh, and here’s a novel idea: How about Republicans acknowledging that black people are normal thinking people like everybody else and have come up with their own conclusions as to why they don’t like them. I think that would be great step one.


Good thing we have joe biden around to tell people if they’re black or not.


What is blexit?

Blexit is hype.


Yeah, if that was true republicans would be bending over backwards to make it easier for African Americans to vote.


I know, I know…if you do, you ain’t black…amirite? :sunglasses:

It won’t pan out.

This is for you guys, not Black people.


I would imagine black folks are tired of all the spoiled white kids rioting and burning in their name.

I read that nearly all of the Portland arrests were young white peeps.

Yeah…she’s not black enough…amirite? :sunglasses:

“They ain’t black”??

Candace Owens is a grifter.


I hope every black person that wants to vote goes out and votes for whomever they choose.

The reality is that the African American vote is ripe for the picking for the GOP.

There are plenty of intersectional issues, a lot of them cultural, that align in the more conservative side of the spectrum.

But the GOP doesn’t lift a finger to go after their vote.

When the GOP actually starts appealing to the black vote, then they will start to make inroads.

But they don’t. They instead point to AstroTurf to convince themselves that something that actually takes effort is happening without putting in the effort


In 2012 five million Americans were forced to wait longer than an hour to cast their ballots

In 2016 it was better. Nationwide the wait time was 19 minutes, however this varied widely. In Florida voters in all-Black neighborhoods had longer waits than those in all-white neighborhoods and were 74% more likely to wait more than half an hour.

This shouldn’t happen.


Yeah 25% of black Democratic voters self-identify as conservative, 50% as moderate and only 29% as liberal. All Republicans need to do is make a sustained effort to appeal to those values instead of attacking them.


nope, black people thinking about voting “ain’t black”. Joe Biden said so.

I agree.

Good observation. If Republicans were anticipating a minority voter surge for Trump in November they’d be tripping over themselves to make it easier for them to vote, if only to offset the white liberals.