What Were You Thinking, Arizona?


Notice how in an election the republicans are down 30,000 votes we should re-vote, but in one they are up 30,000 we should declare a winner?


Pretty much. At the end of the day, both seem like reasonable candidates (ignoring the typical mudslinging that always happens), so there’s not much other explanation.


They cheated how?

Made up reasons dont count


And we see people complaining about the changing vote totals.

What exactly do they expect occurs with mail in, absentee, and provisional ballots? How about all those from our men and women voting overseas? Why do they always need to automatically go to the darkest, most absurd conspiracy theory?


well if one thinks really really hard there might be a reason but i cant think of one personally on the Arizona race.


How was she cheated?


Because deep down republicans have contempt for the men and woman serving overseas.


Absentee ballots should be against the law.


Because Hillary.


Honestly at this point can we trust the American people to properly vote?


Cheating, this is the narrative/excuse fat donald will use when he gets his ass kicked in 2020, count on it.


worked in 2016 right up until he won



10 char


I really want to know what the hell is wrong with some people.

I mean…seriously.


Horse ■■■■ narrative. Provide evidence of cheating or admit that’s salty sour Trumpist tears.


Absolutely. Donald has the self-reflective powers of a gnat. If an election didn’t go his way, then of course he was cheated by a rigged system. I hope we get to hear him whine like a 3 year old with a skinned knee come 2020.


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how many times did Trump go to Arizona? i know he went 3 times to Montana and Dem still held the seat there

I think twice.


I guess Arizona voters were smarter than I thought.


well that was a hit and run. sad i guess we will never get answers


did she insult a beloved AZ senator and war hero?