What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


Well, bless your heart.


Classic moving goal posts eh?


Thanks. + 10 - Bless yours as well.


Please explain what you mean instead of being Cryptic.
Spell it out please


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What’s so cryptic. I’m saying Kavanaugh is going to disgrace himself in time. It’s just a prediction of course.


How is it a Goal post move. Simply said Kav’s attitude and temperament was shown. I gave reasons why he may have been upset. Also as Snow pointed out show us anywhere in his prior cases that he displayed such temperament?
You want him to not be on the court now because he yelled at some of the senators?
Because Dr. Fords statements and testimony has many many many holes in it and nothing has come forward to support her claims and she has said she is done she will not be involved in any further process involving Kav, the Woman who accused him of the gang rapes even changed her story.


To the OP, I posted this in another thread but it seems relevant here.

The term “date rape” was first used in the late 1970s and the concept wasn’t widely adopted until the 1980s and 90s. The term “acquaintance rape,” wasn’t used until the late 1980s.

The events that Blasey Ford described, wouldn’t have fit her teenage-girl-in-1982 concept of “rape” or “rapist.” The term “rapist” in 1982 wasn’t used to describe a popular white boy who couldn’t keep his hands to himself (and his dick in his pants) at a party. Back then “rape” meant being dragged into the bushes by a stranger, tied up, penetrated, and killed or threatened with murder. Back then the boy wasn’t blamed or accused. “Men will try and women must deny,” was a popular saying that seemed to excuse poor sexual ethics in young men.

To illustrate with an anecdote: I graduated high school in 1984. A friend of mine who graduated in 1985 was raped by a mutual friend of ours. She had been hanging out with him for a couple of weeks and in her words “one afternoon he felt like he had waited long enough.” He and a male friend were at her house, the rapist followed her into her bedroom and forced himself on (in) her while his friend waited in the living room. My friend was confused by the events. She probably didn’t recognize it as rape until decades later. She remained social and civil with the boy who raped her throughout our high school years. The guy in the living probably thought that my friend and her rapist had consensual sex. I know that the rapist often called her a slut after that day.

I don’t find it surprising or evidence of immorality that Blasey Ford left her friend at the house. Considering the morals and ethics of the day, she was probably profoundly confused by what had happened, embarrassed, and possibly ashamed. She didn’t think of it as leaving her friend in a house with a rapist. She thought of it as a unique circumstance in which she got pushed around by a handsome and popular boy to the point where she feared for her life so she left.


Uh, no. I never predicted Hillary would be president. You speak with forked tongue.


We have had four partisan, unhinged ,leftist loons on the SC for several years and not one peep form you about their bias and hate. I think Ruth bad mouthed Trump in the past and not one word from you about how she should be nonpartisan. I think they shouldn’t be on the SC. They have been a problem for years. You can defend them all us want but they all vote for party and constitution.


How in the hell would you know?



Get a grip dubarry. :wink:


He was doing his job for Ken Starr to advise and assist in the prosecution of an accused sexual predator. Point to any ruling that he made as a Judge that was partisan. The only bias he has demonstrated is for the letter of the law and the Constitution.


And you have the gall to accuse Kavanaugh of bias. :laughing:


For your sake, I hope you are never falsely accused of a sexual crime so that your reaction to that cannot be gauged by everyone. But if it does happen, remember this discussion. I’m sure it will allow you to conceal your frustration and rage at the unfairness of it all.


And if it doesn’t? Are you going to admit that you were wrong?

That’s rhetorical …

I’d have to say though, you are ahead of many of your liberal peers. Most of them are stuck in denial or anger while you have already moved on to bargaining. :wink:


Perfectly said Snow.

SimplyTrying and those who say “On one day he appeared to be angry, never mind the fact that on that one day he was defending his good reputation from a series of false allegations about attempted rape from more than 30 years ago in front of a group of Democrat Senators who quite frankly were not exactly distinguished in their treatment of him…and that one day matters more than his performance over the previous 12 years…and if you don’t believe that your just a Trumper Trumpist TrumpHumper whatever those fools are calling us these days…”. (and by the way if he had shown the quiet scripted demeanor on that one day that he, for example showed in the Martha McCallum interview, they’d be claiming he appeared to be a man defeated with no spirit, no enthusiasm and nothing but a series of talking points, obviously showing his guilt…It wouldn’t matter to the clowns on the kook fringe left how Kavanaugh would have handled himself it would have been wrong!)

On the face of it the whole escapade is just ridiculous.


Those goal posts have been on wheels for about a month now.


I meant that they should have been more reserved after her testimony, so many were quick to say how credible she sounded. What has happened is that people were confused on how they could find her credible and yet not believe her.


Ford was a useful tool at the time. It backfired in a big way nationally. However, in Ford’s very small and insulated world she is a heroine. A big fish in a very small pond. Ford is yesterday.

What is important are the tactics and the level the DNC will stoop to and whether the RNC will grow a backbone and be proactive rather than reactive.