What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


That wasn’t a typo. It was not knowing the difference between the contraction of they are (they’re) and the word there. That’s ignorance of the English language. Haskins did poorly by you.

So, I heard if you don’t tell the truth about one thing then I should throw everything you say out. So, that glaring untruth in the first sentence forced me to not even read the rest.


Dude you have lost the argument on Kavanaugh completely so your going to typos…a regular occurrence on this forum? Really.

I am well aware of the difference…

By the way if we are going with your theory then since your girl Ms. Ford has told multiple versions of her stupid story I guess she’s completely unbelievable too.

You just reached pathetic status in my book buddy. Sorry…have a lovely day


Can you show any point in the last 12 years of the temprement you describe in any appeals court hearing he presided over?


Texts were evidence.
Documents were evidence.


I take it your phone has never used Swype type and autocorrect to betray you. Let me retype that without correcting it to see what Swype type comes up with…

I Take ur thor phone had never used Swype rope and autocorrect to betray your.

Verizon wants me to replace my phone. Used to be those functions worked better than that. I dont think the recent upgrades they forced on me were upgrades.


Why would I get in a time machine when he showed us exactly who he is just weeks ago. I get it - you guys defend anything trump related.


I really don’t believe you.


So you got nothin’.

Going to base his future on how he reacted to what most likely was a false alegation, and will ignore 12 years of doing what he does as a judge.



The future will prove me correct.


Meh, He had every reason to be abusive to some of those Senators.
Some Reasons:
1.) Feinstein had that letter why she spoke to him SEVERAL times. Not once did she ask him during the many interviews.
2.) A Certain Democratic Senator called him EVIL , said they would appose him with everything they have that he would threaten the lives of Millions of Americans.
3.) These type of statements add to the fire to threats on his family and home.
4.) Accusations of Gang Rape, having illegitimate children
5.) Has been under more scrutiny than any other previous Judge.
6.) The fact that none of the accusations were presented till AFTER and Last Min. Does seem to be a PLOY by the Democrats so they do deserve the tongue lashing they received.
7.) They jumped on him for his year book, and drinking.
8) Majority of the Dems’ complaining about him were not going to vote for him anyway.

He came off timid and reserved on the Interview he did. So I think at the hearing it showed how pissed he was about these accusations and he explained he knew more false crap would come out because the DEMS and FORD waited to long to have the testimony.

As for Dr. Ford.
Something most likely happened to her. But I don’t think it was Kavannah who did it.
1.) Dr. Ford Lied about fear of flying
2.) Dr. Ford supplied miss information about how many people were at the party and in the room several times.
3.) Dr. Ford thru her friend under the bus by saying well she has some health issues so it may be why she doesn’t recall or want to recall.
4.) She can’t really explain how she got to the house or got home.
5.) She gave miss information about her own HOMES Double Door work. said it was 2012 it was done in 2008. She claims it was because of her fear of enclosed spaces but the building permits show why it was for something else. Renters.
6.) She supplied miss information about her experience with Lie Detector tests.
7.) Her therapist never once wrote in the paper work that she mentioned it was Kavannah. Her husband is the one who mentioned his name.
8.) She couldn’t recall if she supplied the News Paper with the Therapy reports or she summarized them for the reporter.

She expects us to rely on her MEMORY from 30 years ago but she has been shown her recent memory is faulty.
I believe something happened and she and others Convinced her that it was Kavannah.


I highly doubt it.


There was no excuse for his rage. I don’t care how he perceives to have been treated. He need to keep composure. If he can’t do that in a partisan hearing he is not fit for the SC. You guys only want him because…trump…hate liberals…yada yada yada.


So that would be a NO
His temperament in the court room HAS never been like what you saw that day at the hearing. SO I would go with Kavannah is pretty even tempered in court cases . Which is what he should be.

IF you want to call him a Partasian hack for the attacks and get him removed for that can we get rid of Ruth at the same time as well since she made specific comments about the President?
So lets remove them both right now and have Trump select 2 new Judges.


I predict you will need to eat these words somewhere around 2020.


Like I just wrote.
So you are ok with Getting Rid of Ruth right since she said things that were uncalled for as a Judge about Trump.

So I am ok get rid of them both right now and lets have Trump put up 2 new ones right now.


What words specifically will I be eating?

Are you suggesting that the Democrats will hold off on any Nomination till 2020?


You really should start a thread about RBG instead of changing the subject.


So you can’t refute any of the Statements about Dr. Ford.

So now it is that Kav yelled at the poor snowflake senators? So he should be removed?


Predictions are a dime a dozen. Bet you predicted Hillary would be President as well. :grinning:


Anything with a trump shiny glaze to it.

I’m saying you put a time bomb on the SC.