What the **** is Trump doing at the Libertarian Convention in the first place?!


Currently splattered on Drudge is the main headline “TRUMP BOOED AND HECKLED AT LIBERTARIAN CONVENTION & THE DON LOSES CONTROL”

Which begs the question, “What the ■■■■ is Trump doing at the Libertarian Convention in the first place???!!!”

I believe Trump is running for the Republican nomination.

Granted, the Libertarian Party stopped being “libertarian” years ago. They are just the little neocon brothers of the Republican Party now.

But still it is bad form to raise the profile of a competing political party by attending their convention.

So did he come up with this very bad idea on his own or did some moron in his inner circle suggest it?

I watched it was an embarrassment. He lost his temper towards the end and threw insults, asking if they wanted to be loser’s and get a low percentage again. He looked a bit rattled. Bet some staffer got a telling off. Beyyer it will be all over Twitter tomorrow

Yes it was pretty funny. He was getting so mad, turning red, and reduced to throwing insults at them.

This wasn’t a secret. Social media was full of their plans for mocking him. His staff should have had him cancel. They probably tried :joy:

Did Mike Lee suggest this? He was getting booed imploring the crowd to give Trump a chance :clown_face:

Not sure who suggested this horrendous idea, but clearly an idiotic idea, as we can see by tonight’s outcome.

In theory you want to get votes where you think possible and he made some points.

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The whole speech. I missed the part where he hurled insults, as if it wasn’t there at all. Sounds like a raucous crowd. What I’d expect from a bunch of libertarians. He does drop a don’t waste you vote truth bomb on them at the end. :rofl:



The haters are still trying to talk themselves into more hate. Trump was great at the event and in the end he told them the hard truth…

Gutless haters think they can project their hate onto libertarians, who, except the few pinheaded know Trump IS all the Libertarian they need.


I guess they ran out of edibles.

What is Trump doing at the Libertarian Convention? He’s trying to make it -------- “TOO BIG TO RIG.”

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Libertarians historically love people who declare that they will be day one dictators.

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and that there will a bloodbath if they dont win huh?

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Happy Sunday all you (D)eranged (D)ogs sniffing Trump’s butt first thing in the morning. :rofl:


And of course that’s not what he said, not that truth means anything to Libs…


Trump didn’t say he would be a day one dictator?


I too listened to what Trump was actually saying rather than the voices in my head hearing what they decide to without my consent. :rofl:

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No, he didn’t. He said he wasn’t going to be a dictator, except for day one.

He’s got to get some things done.

Trump pledged to commute the life sentence of Ross Ulbricht, who was convicted by a jury of his peers of trafficking $183 million in illegal narcotics on the dark web.

I thought he was going to give drug dealers the death penalty.

He said he was going to be a day one dictator on immigration.

Before people pile on… they should look at what the Libertarian platform says about immigration.

It is for real open borders… because even though I think that Libertarians ideals of market based politics without government intervention is misguided and unworkable… they are at least logically consistent.

Trump lacks such logical consistency… because noting matters other than the attainment of power.


There is no logical consistency in Trump’s ideology.

You can see that with his embrace of gang members who are up for attempted murder charges.