What the hell. Emmet Flood attends FBI briefing!

It was just reported that Emmet Flood was seen leaving the room where the briefing took place along with John Kelly. Flood is not even part of the administration. He has been retained to represent Trump in the Mueller investigation. And all along Nunes has promoted this briefing as a function of oversight. Can these guys be more obvious. This is a sham that is a slap in the face to all of us. This president will do anything and everything to save his own ass. He does not care about America. He will burn down agencies and the fine people who are doing their jobs to save himself. There is absolutely no good reason that this should have been allowed.

I heard that also. What in the world is going on here? I also heard Schiff attended the meeting that was scheduled to be exclusive with Nunes and Gowdy, so I’m sure between either Gowdy or Schiff we will get some answers soon as to what occurred here.

So, trump now has all the evidence?

At least Schiff was there. But so was Paul Ryan, and I thought he was too busy, or something.

Paul Ryan was unable to attend the Gang of Eight meeting because he is flying to Texas for a fundraiser, so he attended the earlier session.

But this whole thing is such a cluster. Why have 2 separate meetings? Why the rush to scramble and throw it together, and the last minute additions and changes? It is just more proof of how disorganized and dysfunctional this White House is.

I definitely think it’s proof of that. I’m just confused about why the 2 meetings when they let Schiff in the first one. Seems a big waste of time to have 2 meetings. And I’d really like to know how Schiff came to be in the first one.

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I’d guess he either waltzed right in daring someone to stop him and/or was invited by one of the original republican invitees.

Lol, I hope he just walked in.

One question is what level were these secure documents and does he have the clearance to see or even know about them?

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We’ll see. Devin wants everything including looking into Mueller’s trousers.

From the reporting I’ve seen he took the spot offered to Pelosi. She was only invited because they invited Ryan, her counterpart, at the last minute. It’s been a real head scratcher. That’s for sure.

Adam Shciff just said it was all basically a “meh”

Which means we can expect Devin to come out crying blood within the next 15 minutes.

Trump just forced the issue to prevent the investigation from interfering with the midterms. The dem plan is falling apart.

It’s a mess. But what else is to be expected?

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+Bonus points if you can explain without obstructing justice.

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Surely not. I would not be able to believe that yet another hair-on-fire Trumpist conspiracy theory being pumped across the echo chamber amounts to a whole lot of “meh.” I have been promised Obama in an orange jumpsuit over this one for certain.

It pushes up the timetables of events to occur.

I can’t on the part of the democrats.

As a famous president said; “bigger then Watergate”.

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