What the heck does the death of President Bush have to with Trump's press conference?

Except that he doesn’t want to answer direct questions.

Especially as the Mueller investigation closes in him.

What a disgusting way to hide.


Did he hide behind Papa Bush’s death?

I will have to look into that.

Here ya go.


I don’t know, but the tweet “announcing” it was really awkward!

Trump is not an empathetic person. It would not have been good to be open to questions about Bush’s death and past statements he has made.

His advisors helped him out this weekend. He did not overtly make an ass of himself, thought the potential to do so was enormous.


His lying knows no bounds.

He never passed up a chance to jump in front of the cameras before. Before being shown to be such an asshat that is.

Out of respect?

That is a lie.

Fat Donald has no real respect for any other person, living or dead.

I wish Fat Donald would close on Wednesday.

There was no reason he couldn’t have given a parting presser before heading home.

He is using Papa Bush’s death as cover for him in some way shape or form. I just can’t believe otherwise at this point in time.

What would next Wednesday’s activities have to do with Trump not having a Presser today before leaving the Argentine G20 Summit?

The American markets have been closing for deceased Presidents funerals since the 1800’s.

Heck they even closed for Tricky Nixon’s send off.

Trump has no concept of respect. As evidenced by his entire first two years. So to use that as an excuse to not do a press conference is ridiculous. He’s literally done political talking points and lashed out at people he didn’t like while people were literally dying. Once again, he had no concept of the word respect.



He isn’t respecting the Bush family. He just wanted to hide from the inevitable questions regarding all the crap that hit the fan last week that he knows will come his way, questions that he doesn’t want to try not to answer.

Amen to that!

I trust Trump to make the right decision.

There was no collusion.

If there was collusion, Melania is guilty.

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Sure, like he respected McCain.

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If Fat Donald can state he had “great success” with the G20 Summit why didn’t he have a press conference now, today, with all the good news for America?

Why make us wait?

What happened to his “on day one” mentality?

Any communist that is as hot looking as she is (no matter what beauty money can buy) has got to be guilty of some crime?

Nobody’s guilty of anything, except for the people who have already pleaded guilty.

But if anyone else is guilty of something, then it might be Melania.

It might not be Melania.

It’s probably Melania.

There was no collusion.

Be Best Ya’ll!

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Anybody got that pic where she posed in a red bikini on a Fake Oval Office Rug?

Oh, I don’t think that Melania is a criminal. That’s ridiculous.

Yep. All ‘The Media’s’ fault. Poor Trump is first President of have to deal with them.

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