What the Actual Freak!?

What? If you don’t want to buy a gun… you need a government ban? What the hell is wrong with these people?


Do people impulse-buy guns right before offing themselves? Is that a thing?

I honestly don’t know. I’ve never tried it.

This idea is even more stupid than usual.


You have to know that you’ll never want to buy a gun, all so they can tell you “no” later just in case you decide to off yourself.

Do these people eat paint chips?


Yeah it is.

This is comedy. Are they also assuming these people won’t off themselves because they have no access to guns? There are easier ways than using a gun.

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How can someone “voluntarily” give up their inalienable rights??

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More importantly, why is a law affirming it required. This is just kooky.

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They are trying to use it as a defacto “red flag” law.

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I am all in favor of this.

Maybe someone is a nut and know that they are a nut in a moment of clarity and knows they shouldn’t have guns in case they have a manic episode and be likely to harm themselves or others.

It’s voluntary, so won’t hurt anyone who doesn’t want it.

What kind of hoops does a self proclaimed “nut” have to jump through to get their 2A rights restored?

I must have missed that part in the BoR.


I have to agree with you on this. I cannot see any sense behind it.


I agree, that part is challenging and there should be some kind of a way for them to reverse that decision.

Suicide tourism … I know someone else, somewhere, has predicted it … even that Canada will be a popular final destination … but still, I agree with whoever that guy was.

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we need to ban buildings three stories or taller

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There should be an accompanying bill to allow aspiring criminals to place themselves on a government watch list.


Sure. And if your name ends up on the list through someone else’s nefarious ways?

Because we know people will never take advantage or do anything illegal or immoral when it comes to this.


No. Obviously safeguards should be put in place to make sure that this stays a self-imposed endeavor only.

Nitrogen is best.

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How? By volunteering to register yourself to be on a red flag list?

When I first saw this story, I thought it was from The Onion. :neutral_face: