What the Actual Freak!?

This is how a herd thins itself out, putting the dumbest up front.


I’ve thought for decades “if liberals believe in evolution, why do they want warning labels on everything?”


Warning labels are to protect against lawsuits. And that’s a conservative thing. Liberals tend to be in favor of suing corporations.

Not buying it.

If someone is dumb enough to think tidepods are a snackfood… they probably shouldn’t breed. Right evolution?

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If there is a warning label on the tide podsit is much harder to sue the tide pod manufacturer.

Go look at the warning label on a ladder. Same thing.

Warning labels are NOT a conservative thing. That’s liberals protecting liberals from themselves.

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Tort reform and limiting lawsuits: that’s all conservative.

Those are NOT warning labels. Warning labels were put there because liberal lawyers were suing on the behalf of their stupid liberal clients who are too stupid to know that eating Tide pods or drinking battery acid was a bad idea. Tort reform and limiting lawsuits were enacted to make warning labels unnecessary in the first place.

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Ladders, car seats, hair dryers, paint etc. etc, etc. All of these things have long warning labels on them warning consumers. The warning labels go a long way to preventing lawsuits and minimizing damages.

That is not true.

Because of stupid people who have been convinced by greedy liberal lawyers that their stupidity is someone else’s fault.

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It is true. There were virtually no warning labels when I was a kid and when we did something stupid and got hurt, we were chewed out by our dads for bring stupid instead of running to a lawyer to blame someone else.

Failure to warn is a real thing, and potential cause for liability.

No doubt, but don’t lay that on conservatives. It was liberals who started the litigation wagon rolling.

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Maybe, but tort reform and warning labels are not liberal innovations. We like corporations being called to account.

That’s what we’re making fun of.

Blaming companies rather than the stupid person that did a stupid thing.

It’s like rewarding someone for peeing in the shallow end of the gene pool.

I am upset that the House continues to spend taxpayer dollars on this ■■■■■

Warning labels and tort reform are opposite sides of the same coin.

You just killed your own argument.

“We have warning labels on products because of stupid libs” may be my new favorite thesis.

So much to unpack there.