What should we do to make elections more believable again?

We all know a large percentage of Americans don’t trust the election process anymore. And we don’t trust the media after 3 years of russian collusion lies and overt partisanship for the dems. So What measures should we take to make sure elections are transparent and believable again?

Seems that would go a long way to healing our division.

Getting rid of the dominion machines would seem to be the first step.

Not listen to Donald Trump for starters


Have real poll watchers from both sides. Do not allow poll workers to kick people out. Investigate reported irregularities. Don’t ignore them. Do not flood the country with ballots. Issue them by request. Go back to having an election day, not an election season.


GOP leaders need to start telling their voters the truth.


Our current electoral systems work pretty damn well. Lies about fraud have fostered disbelief, not any actual fraud or problems with the current systems. Why fix a system that isn’t broken? End this false narrative about a broken electoral system. It’s not broken.


That wouldn’t do much. Many don’t believe politicians all that much. Politicians are often selfish and corrupt.

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Many think it is broken. What harm would it do the make sure the process is fair?


The process is fair. If anything we need to make it more accessible. The problem isn’t the system, it’s the people who think the system is broken. Those people are being lied to for political gain. See: Trump 2016 - 2020.


Follow the process, education about the process., Volontee and learn about the process. Stop listening to trump and zero hedge and breitbart and such

If you thinks it’s fair why do you care if it’s made even more transparent and trustworthy?


Sounds like you just want people to shut up about it. And don’t really care if they believe it’s trustworthy.


Nah, doesn’t sound like that at all. Actually the opposite.

Or did you miss the whole volunteer part?

If you have ways to make voting more transparent, great. Go for it. But don’t make those changes based on lies.

Look. It was in Trump’s best interest to lie about the validity of elections in order to have an excuse if he lost. Nothing more. There is no proof of any election fraud that kept Trump from winning. If Trump had come out after 2016 and said, there was no fraud. People would have believed him. If he would have said there was no fraud in the 2020 election, people would have believed him.

Leadership is the problem.

Voter IDs

No more Dominion

No mass mail in ballots


Dems don’t want it because it would make cheating very difficult.

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Of course they want us to shut up.

Gonna be realllllll disappointed.


Voter ID and a database containing our information to compare it with.

Republicans also have the same access to cheat… Voter ID apply to Republicans, l for example

I’m all for it, so long as the government pays for it and makes it easy to get. Like I should be able to take a photo at my local Costco or Sams Club to use for the ID.

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Tens of millions of people have no confidence. Including millions of dems. How do you fix that?

Cons are saying there is fraud but cannot provide a stitch of evidence that can get past the court of law… or even public opinion.

For example… Dominion… I have not see a stitch of source code made available that show that the machines where changing votes. Not one… line… of… code.



Where is it?