What should Trump do if actually impeached?

If Trump was actually impeached, and was about to be removed from office, what would you like to see him do before leaving office as a last official act?

I would like to see all FISA requests be unclassified and released to the public with no redactions. All of them.

I would like to see Snowden given a Pardon.

I would like to see any system designed for spying on the citizenry publicized and shut down.

What say you?

Admit he sucks as President and as a human.

Leave. Quietly.


So you get joy out of other peoples misery.

That says more about you than him.

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Apologize for all of the lies to the American people and taking advantage of the willfully ignorant rubes of conservative America, and then go life out the remainder of his life in silence and self reflection.

Yeah he’s such a kind hearted bunny rabbit of a man who never takes pleasure in the suffering of others.

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I think he should go ahead and do that now. Why wait?

Tuck his tail between his corpulent cheeks and whimper on the way out.


Why should he wait till impeachment to release the unredacted fisa documents?

He already said he was going to do it, he should do it now.


Best answer.

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Maybe it’s not about joy from the misery of others, but giving Trump the chance to go out with a tiny shred of integrity.

It doesn’t.

It means he committed high crimes and misdemeanors and was essentially booted from office. He failed to follow the US constitution. He failed the American people. If he was truly found guilty and had to leave office, it would be the first in American history. Thus, he would truly be the worst President, and since he, as a human, couldn’t keep himself from committing crimes and abusing power, is a terrible person.

It says a lot about him.


Me too.

Its under the stack of papers related to his tax returns.

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Trump is not going to be impeached. This is fake impeachment that libs are pushing to satisfy their radical base.

They need to believe the impeachment is going on to shut them the hell up.

Follow the law

Wrong thread.

Apparently more than half the country is now part of the radical liberal base.

Excellent news!

Well that won’t happen.

Neither will this.

You voted for a dude who moved things onto a private server to hide the fact he was trying to court foreign nations to sway our elections. Who abused his powers and got caught.

Everything you complained about trump has done. How many times are you going to come out and defend him only to have him throw you under the bus? How many times do you like to get run over?

This has become nothing more than a joke now. Watching trump attempt to lead this nation. You had your shot. It’s time to step down and go back to the corner.

Just wait till those conversations with Russia are released. Yeah those are gonna be bad conan. Russia threw trump under the bus with their statement. Even they see this is bad news for him.

But you keep peddling this nonsense. It’s what you do.