What should be the next response to the next virus be?

I have read from numerous sources that the wet markets in China regardless of what we are being told from the CCP are opening again as if nothing happened. The only difference being police are around making sure no one takes a picture of the markets.

Regardless if the virus came from the wet markets or a lab we know from past experiences that these markets have been the source for many viruses including SARS. Ebola and HIV both supposedly came from eating bushmeat (Monkeys in this case) in Africa, similar markets exist all across Asia and Africa, and they are many documentaries about them on YouTube if one wants to see - Warning they are gross.

My question, If the world makes it out of this what should be the response to China if another deadly virus was to come from that region of any region for that matter. At minimum this has cost the world economies trillions upon trillions and if lucky a half million dead around the world, although we will never know the real numbers. Millions including myself infected with a strange disease from a strange land who partakes in disgusting eating habits. People have lost lives, house, jobs and the country may never fully recover.

Now if I had my way China would simply be cast off a cliff in terms of trade and the whole world would sanction their ass back into the dark ages were their economy was at before big business made them rich. But I can see that’s not going to happen as we are a
divided nation and it will take nations not as divided to pull that off or at least start it.

So China will get away with literally murder as well as
Crippling the worlds economy. It is very likely the EU will dissolve now by the end of the year as Italy and Spain are in horrible shape now, the economist said they are bordering on a failed state and it it doesn’t look like Germany or Netherlands want any part of a Greece part 2.

When the next virus comes from China destroying the economies around the world from these wet markets what should the response be because it’s not “if” it’s “when” it happens again.

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Yes sanctioning China back to the Stone Age will make them clean up the wet markets and even better, make them more open about any diseases circulating through them…

Brilliant move!


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Right…since we gave them all our technology, jobs and most of it’s economy worked so well.

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Right because there’s only two options.

I mean there’s literally only two options.

Because it seems according to some, we live in Binary World.

Make sure to defend China at all cost…


Competency on our own part wouldn’t go amiss.

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It’s time to start encouraging vegetarianism a little bit.

Awful diseases keep entering the human ecosystem because of folks eating mammals they have no business eating. And even the “normal” meats are a timebomb of antibiotic resistance.

Our biggest export is American culture, so it wouldn’t be negligible if vegetarianism became part of americana.

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First…I’m not buying the “wet market” story. There’s more to this story but it’s over my paygrade and it definitely needs to be investigated. China…either intentionally or negligently…misinformed the world as to the virus’s ability to spread person to person and did not quarantine Wuhan. The WHO’s incompetence or allegiance makes them complicit. There are trillions of dollars in losses and hundreds of thousands of deaths and the Chinese government is fully responsible. What to do…I’d have to fully understand the options but they definitely need to compensate the world for the pain they’ve inflicted.

Lemme guess. The “more to the story” is the “created in a lab” conspiracy theory.

Then what? Premature release or it got away from them, or deliberate attack?

I would keep air travel closed as long as the wet markets are open.

So you think we should invade China? No? Quit kissing China’s ass!

Not only no, but HELL no. I’m gonna eat beef, pork, and chicken until the day I can’t meaning either I die, or i’m on a feeding tube.


There not going to do it though they will keep on and even if Covid-19 came from a lab spill others like SARS came from these type of markets. First time in my lifetime I have seen mass graves being dug in and American city. Something that seemed so distant for a first world country is now taking place in America, because a person thousands of miles away can go shopping for rat, cat, or bat get a deadly disease jump on a plane and be here in 15 hours.

They could just not issue any travel visas to China. But their not going to close them it’s so engrained in their culture. They did the same thing after SARS escaped twice they closed them in platitudes never happened.

The next response?


I don’t know the answer JayJay this just can’t happen again. As I said they are a real possibility Italy and Spain are failed states after this. We have zero issue putting sanctions on Russia and Iran and others that have done nothing on this scale to us before.

And let’s not forget they accused the U.S. for the virus at first and then threatened us because we let all our drug manufacturers get ingredients from China for our medicine. So while we are digging graves across America and people are losing everything they had this running across state T.V.

“If China retaliates against the United States at this time, in addition to announcing a travel ban on the United States, it will also announce strategic control over medical products and ban exports to the United States. Then the United States will be caught in the ocean of new coronaviruses,” the article said.

“Also according to the US CDC officials, most of the drugs in the United States are imported…If China banned exports, the United States will fall into the hell of a new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.”

It added: “We should say righteously that the US owes China an apology, the world owes China a “thank you”.”

What should we do if it happens again?

Aren’t they in the EU?

The left isn’t fit for purpose on the China question because they can’t look past politics that any negative response to China might help Trump. Regardless of the infection count, regardless of the question you had when it happens again, regardless if we go into an economic collapse.

I can only imagine the response if this mess would have came from Russia, Schiff was already warning that Russia could attack the mainland U.S. soon The left was full blown hawks on Russia but when it comes to a real threat China, and make no mistake this is and has been the threat they would rather look the other way. Remember when the U.S. was being threatened by China to take our medicine the leftist media was complaining because the President calling a virus that came from China the China virus while ignoring that two months before that China was threatening the U.S. as the virus was spreading across the globe.

I think it was a USA today article that nailed it when they said China is basically a rich version of North Korea. Both countries are a communist dictatorship, both are authoritarian to the core and have no respect for human rights, and both have millions locked in concentration camps the difference being China owns all our manufacturing. It’s sad we are at a point that we are basically held hostage by communists and half of the country could care less as the west burns. They should be sanctioned and we should not do business with them, and their citizens should not be allowed to come to travel to the U.S. as their cultural practices spreads deadly viruses. They are not going to give up the wet markets and they should be held accountable by the rest of the civilized world not people who eat bats and their kids poop in the mall floors as is tradition.


Yep but maybe not much longer. Not even sure if there will be and EU after this. They will need to bail out both Italy and Spain which Germany and the Netherlands doesn’t seem to pumped on doing after the Greece bailout which was deeply unpopular with German voters back in the day.

I’ll have to leave how it first came about to those doing the investigation but what took place immediately after is on record and the Chinese government is criminally negligent.