What role should intellegence agencies have in US politics?


Sounds like they have a serious job to do unless it involves someone in politics. Then it’s ‘hands off’. Not very smart, or accurate.


I don’t believe your characterization of FBI agents goes beyond the ‘several’ you know.

And I’m suspicious they would take issue with your characterization.


I don’t believe you have ever spoken with either an FBI agent or a CIA agent. As your characterization is so far off the mark it isn’t funny.


Believe what you want, liberal.


Does my characterization apply to Peter Strozk?


Is that one of the FBI guys you know personally?
There are more than 30,000 people at the FBI. Are we going down the list one-by-one?
Irrelevant. Characterizing this guy won’t let me logic my way to guilt the whole agency.


There is that emotion and personal attack I suspected to see.


Yes or no?


Logical evaluation based on the contents of every post since 1/20/17.

No emotion. No attack.


Doesn’t matter.
Doesn’t matter what this guy thinks.
Doesn’t matter what I think of this guy.

None of that would be evidence to support a blanket characterization of the FBI


Yes or no?


An arbitrary date which only serves to reinforce the point made.


Ask a yes or no question that matters.


Not arbitrary at all. The inauguration of President Trump, Attempted Coup Survivor, esq.


I did. Yes or no?


Is attempting a coup a crime?


He’s definitely off the mark. I worked at the Hoover building(FBI HQ) as a Software developer and IA alongside agents and other IA’s during the Mueller years. How does one person this dude knows characterize an entire agency? smh


I completely agree. I’ve had friendships with a couple of FBI agents for a couple of decades now. One runs the field office in a decent sized city close to me. And my best friend’s son is an agent going on a decade now. He is arguably the best man I’ve known. He is like a second son to me. These are good, honest people who devote their lives to this nation. They believe in the rule of law. They believe in the promise of America. He is way off the mark.


I think Sneaky just rappin to make a point.


The folks in the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division will doubtless be thrilled to learn that they can take the rest of their careers off.

The breadth and depth of ignorance spread daily on this forum is breathtaking.