What role should intellegence agencies have in US politics?


My observation is that the surveillance apparatus failed to protect us from the Boston bombers, even though we were warned that they had terrorist connections. Determined terrorists, such as Osama ben Laden, learned to avoid any electronic communication devices since they are easily tracked and monitored by NSA another intelligence agencies.

In contrast the intelligence officials have shown extraordinary interest in leaking data that may be politically embarrassing and using data for political investigations. For example, investigative journalist, Sheryl Attkinson, had her computers hacked by intelligence agencies after she published reports that were embarrassing to the Obama administration. She has an ongoing lawsuit, and compiled this timeline of increasing abuse of government surveillance powers:

She recently updated the use of politically motivated intelligence leaks that designed to attack Trump and his administration:

Her lawsuit against surveillance abuse continues:

For those on the left who dismiss these abuses that target their political opponents consider this quote about complacency during Nazi abuse of power:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
** Because I was not a socialist. **
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
** Because I was not a trade unionist. **
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
** Because I was not a Jew. **
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.



Sheryl Atkinson keeps having her lawsuits tossed because the evidence that she was hacked is nonsense and her claims have no merit.

She’s a public nuisance.


Bull feathers.


Ask yourself who benefits most from degredation of our intelligence and federal law enforcement capabilities.

It’s crooks like Trump (especially Trump) and foreign adversaries like Russia.


That little cabal sat in a room and plotted to record and remove a duly elected President of the United States of America.

And because of who it is, you dismiss it as nothing. Rod Rosenstein and Andrew McCabe were not elected to anything. They are petty, plotting little bureaucrats protecting their fief.

There is only one man who must be attacked at all costs.

And some of you are willing to hand the country over to the FBI to do it.

Conservative my ass.


But you are?

That never works out the way you’re portraying it. The yankee always gets taken in the end.


People should be put in jail. Who do they think they are? Did they investigate ol’flexible when he was caught sending whispers to Putin about how great things will be once he’s re-elected… No! Because they are a wing of the dems after years of Obama.

This is secret police stuff. It should scare us so much we may consider ending the FBI. It has become the political tool it was predicted to be. No amount of safeguards can stop a corrupt group of people.

FISA should have been the first to complain about being lied too or misled. Obama admin official like Samantha Powers learned she could spy on America’s by claiming she was spying on foreigners. Thus here nearly 300 unmaskings as a UN sec with no business unmasking anyone. And that’s just one person in the admin…

How loose was FISA? Obviously very loose about granting hundreds of unmaskings during the last election.


The left has already forgot how they acted about WMD’s…


The truth.


Hyperbole and personal attacks do not make for a cogent argument.


For sure. We need to know that anyone who questions Trump is jailed.


I don’t think they’re trying to make a cogent argument.

It’s just raw emotion.


That’s certainly how it seems. A lot of emotional investment by some in regards to defending their decision to support Donald Trump.


Although in some circumstances, they’ve managed to tap into the anti-government sentiment as well. Both groups are chock full of nuts.


I didn’t attack you.

“Well, the FBI said it so it has to be true!” is not an argument at all.

Here’s a hint: those people don’t give a damn about you. We are ignorant cattle to be herded. We are beneath them.


Sure you did. You seem to be letting your emotions get the best of you. I know FBI agents personally. Your description of them is inaccurate.


If someone in the cabinet of the president has a private email account
about the tippy tippiest of secrets and this person bleach bits, and washes
his or her hard drive clean before the FBI has a chance to look at them,
then the FBI should simply be able to let this person go free.


Why don’t you guys just get it over with and pass a law that says it’s illegal to oppose Trump. It’ll save you effort in the end.

Call it the enemy of the people act.


I know several personally, my characterization is spot on.

I don’t believe you have ever spoken to an FBI Agent.


It appears your hatred of the FBI is clouding your judgement.