What politicians would do what McCain did and tell a bigot your opponent was a good American and a patriot?

I’ll concede she’s strong and forceful, but that, in my view, doesn’t make her evil.

I am not sure how did he handle the whisper campaign Rove started against McCain over his adopted daughter.

OK, there’s another one. I’ll give that one, too.

Who was Rove working with at the time? Was it W?

Hillary R Clinton did not know how to handle classified or sensitive information. She is a careless and reckless train wreck. And she colluded with foreign agents and Steele to throw an election. Spare me the loose change.

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Guess you ignored her laughing at how slick she was at having evidence destroyed for a rape case.


She is far more evil than Fox News portrays her.

Just two examples:

Cattle futures. How many times did her story change? From her being completely in control and making all trades herself, then finally settleing on “well he (the broker) helped me a little.” Too funny. The account she had a “little help” on had a proffit of 100k. A second brokerage account (for doing the same thing with a different company), she lost 2k in the same period. Kind of makes you wonder about the “little help” or was it a bribe.

Rose Law firm records go missing (back before computers and it was all on paper). Years later after her attorney committed suicide – low and behold the missing records are found where of all places – The white house!


Please let us know when you do so we can celebrate.

And I won’t apologize about the honest work of the real media that is keeping the public (and you whether you realize it or not) informed as compared to the RW media circus full of empty accusations, name calling and conspiracy theories.

Well said! Look out as they will now accuse you of being brain washed.

She never tried to hide it, like Trump has with his stupidity. She admitted it. And testified about it. And WASN’T indicted for anything about it.

And your wiki is open.

Guess you ignored the full story.


Thank for the wiki alert. Most appreciated

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Yep he and Ralph Reed started an insidious rumor campaign that McCain had gathered his adopted daughter out of wedlock.

NPR gave the facts. Did you read it?

She laughed. And she laughed.

Even NPR admits it. From your link.

In the tape — which is low quality — Clinton says she had her client take a polygraph test. He passed, she says, and adds with a chuckle, it “forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs”:

She chuckles again when saying that prosecutors mishandled evidence — underwear from which they’d cut out the vital part of the fabric. “Yes, indeed,” she says, “I had a right to see the evidence”:

She had the evidence destroyed by insisting that the front of the man’s underwear be subjected to tests …which destroyed the evidence.

She laughed. Your hero laughed. Even NPR admits it. Only you cant.

We should call her “chuckles”. Your hero.

Living with those “people say” and “what if” conspiracy theories, huh?

The “real” media is quite dishonest often enough and you refuse to admit it.

I hold back from some disapprovals i have of Trump because I figure you folks are so critical at times without cause that I am not going come in and side with the likes of you people.

Fox is easy to critisize because they have people ranging from far left to far right.

I would get rid of about half of them.

Your side marches in lock step in their hatred toward President trump.

I don’t doubt you believe that to be true.
As a regular watcher of Fox News myself, I can attest that the great majority of air time is spent promoting the right-wing agenda (such as it is), while painting a negative picture of anything “liberal” or “Democrat.” There is a bare minimum of straight news. Guest brought in to comment on a story are Republicans and right-wingers. This is all well-known. That you’re trying to argue Fox is a sort of 50/50 operation or something is just more evidence of blindness to what drives your opinions.

I hope the fact it’s mentioned now humiliates them.

There’s no what if there nor concerning the sale of Uranium to the Russians, the classified emails, lying about the reason for the Benghazi attack, etc, etc, ad nauseum.

Put it in context. She wasn’t laughing about the victim.