What politicians would do what McCain did and tell a bigot your opponent was a good American and a patriot?

It certainly wouldn’t be Trump. Hillary and Obama are two I can think of. It’s tough to come up with a Republican.

Not so sure about Hillary………doubtful in fact.

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I think her true nature has been smothered by right-wing propaganda. She’s not the evil person Fox News and Rush have portrayed her. You have some here calling her childish names every time they talk about her. The problem for R’s is she’s a tough woman.


She is actually.

Because Rush and Fox judge her with no prejudice. LOL.

I don’t give a hoot what Limbaugh or Fox think. She is evil based on my own observations of her political career.


You just boldfaced the statement about Fox and Rush and now are walking away from it. The word of some so-called “conservatives” is worth less than a plug nickel. LOL.

I challenged your false comment actually. I don’t give a hoot what rush or fox think my opinion is based on my own observations.

Unlike you i don’t allow the media to do my thinking for me. :sunglasses:

The only “observations” you’ve made are those that Fox and Rush, et. al., have given you.

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Yet another false accusation.

I don’t watch either and formed the same opinion of her. She is not a good person and it was insulting having her represent the party I belong to


No she is not that person but I don’t think there is much doubt about her being a spiteful person.

I think George Bush would have. HW that is.

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No, it’s an observation. I’ve read your posts. You’ve been on this site repeatedly citing fake news sites from Russian trolls (2016), repeating the propaganda from Fox, etc. No evidence of any independent “observations.” Which btw doesn’t make you unique among Fox News devotees.

When someone is at the front ranks of Trump supporters and agrees with everything Trump and right-wing media, that doesn’t make it true. Even with creepy sunglasses.

Total BS. Not unusual.

I’ll give you that. And possibly W, too, though they were strong opponents.

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I don’t agree with everything especially with right wing media.

Wish I could say the same about you and your adoration for the leftist media.

Kasich would