What kind of retribution will Tucker Carlson face for exposing lies and misinformation about 1/6?

Congresswoman Liz Cheney has called for Tucker Carlson to be removed from the air in response to a promo for a new documentary about events around January 6. Carlson had an immediate response defending free speech from government coercion and threats.

What kind of retribution is Carlson likely to face for the new documentary?

Will an Antifa mob attack his home like they did in 2018?


Will NSA release more emails or telephone conversations from their surveillance like they reportedly did earlier this year?

Or will a group of former CIA/FBI/NSA officials issue another edict that effectively shuts down media coverage like they to reporting on the Biden-laptop story before the 2020 election.

From what I have seen, no one has been arrested for vandalism of Carlson’s property or for the illegal leaks of NSA surveillance. None of the disgraced intel officials who spread disinformation about Biden laptop has faced serious questions from the media or congress about their role in subverting the 2020 election. Most of the media has failed to even mention that disinformation from the intel officials resulted in them burying the story.

Will Carlson and his associates face similar retribution and censorship in response to the new documentary on 1/6?

Or will federal officials and their allies take the response to an even higher level?


None… he will continue to profit off of turning himself into a calmer version of Alex Jones.


Carlson will profit handsomely off of these lies. Someone should share the actual promo for his documentary. It’s … something.

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Or disinformation from the media may incite another leftist domestic terrorist.

Nah,… we are going to have right wing violence in spades because people like Carlson… who know better… are lying to them for profit.

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OK…here ya go.

You are correct…it’s got all the shibboleths.


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The official 1/6 narrative has been based on multiple lies and misinformation. Here are some examples discussed in earlier threads.

Most of the media has repeated made no attempt to correct the obvious misinformation. Perhaps that is why Cheney and her allies are so concerned about a real investigation.

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So we are back to “the Left did it”.


Clearly he’s doing this to keep his audience in a frenzy. He must believe it to a certain degree, because how else could you put something like this together and have that hanging over your conscious. It’s a wink and node away from a straight up call to arms.

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I don’t think that he actually believes it one bit.

But his audience does and a good performer always gives the audience what they want.


He doesn’t believe it. Editing is difficult only if you are not imaginative.

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This feels like something an antigovernment militia would use to recruit members.

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Tuck’s gonna tell us “what really happened” on Jan 6th?

Dang, I thought I knew. Better get my vision checked, since evidently I can’t trust my own eyes.

Must be the gaslighting getting in the way…

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Please post links to arrest related to the violent mob who vandalized Carlson’s home.

Or the recent death threat against Senator Rand Paul.

Or arrests of those who leaked NSA surveillance to intimidate Carlson.

I guess the FBI has been too busy ransacking apartments and arresting grannies who wondered into the US Capitol to bother with such details.

FBI certainly appears to have different standards for investigations based on political considerations.


I know that he claimed that… but did he ever bring any evidence forward or just let it hang out there for the rubes?

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They are too busy arresting those grannies or investigating parents upset about radical agendas school boards are trying to force upon their children. :roll_eyes:

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Cheney has certainly shown her true colors the last year or so.

As for this administration they will probably try anything the SC doesn’t rein them in over. :roll_eyes:

He left it out there to hang for the rubes.

(This was a rheotrical question…right? :smiley: )

Remember, Glenn Beck will be dropping the stunning news about the Boston Marathon bombing any day now!


One Capitol Police officer has been murdered this year, and it was not the one who lay in state in the Capitol.

Where is the FBI war on terror against Black nationalists like the one who killed Officer Evans?


IS that an answer to a question that I did not ask?