What kind of person looks forward to going to a funeral?


Sure you do. You kept it to yourself about Obama didn’t you?

Of course I would expect such hypocrisy and falsehoods from a Trump supporter.


Slim, I think you’re losing it. This is the silliest thing I’ve ever seen out of anyone.


With Obama I voiced my opinions and feel free to point here at a
thread that I EVER started/initiated to bad mount him.
Plus I even defended Obama once. Can you say that about Trump?


Same old thing same old stuff…


Good morning Ms Spademarlowe


Awe, the crew is all back together again. How adorbs!!!


The way I remember it, the totality of Jeb’s platform was bashing Donald Trump. Jeb did it all by his big self.


He needs a visit from Jacob Marley to show him how people will dance on his grave.


Low energy


Good Morning friend.


My first impression after he said he is looking forward to it was that he was NOT invited or rather was UNINVITED to MC Cain’s funeral so now he is invited and he is glad he will go.


Are you a doctor. How do you get off claiming he is a sociopath without posting evidence from his medical record?


I think Hitler was a sociopath as well.


Can you claim he’s not with any more certainty?


I’m not a doctor. So I stay away from making medical diagnoses.


He still alive?


I negative diagnosis is still a diagnosis.

So if you are willing to diagnose based of your evidence, I believe we have more evidence that Trump is a sociopath than you have that he is not.

By your own logic.


Such posts would be expected from sometime whose mind has been eaten by the TDS worm. That is not my logic. I made no diagnosis one way or another.

If you are not a doctor that has thoroughly examined him, you would not know “Evidence” if it hit you on the face.


Btw, it depends on whose funeral.


So you think it’s irresponsible to speak on subjects unless you work in that profession?