What is Trump & the GOP's Deficit Plan?

The deficit and debt was perhaps the #1 or at least top 3 issues for Republicans for nearly a decade. Trump labeled himself the “King of Debt”. After inheriting a roughly $475bil deficit, Trump and crew have more than doubled it back to $1trillion 2009 levels. Conservative media pundits don’t mention the deficit anymore.

So, since Trump is the leader of the GOP - and still our President! - what is his plan? Has he mentioned the deficit during his last year of being POTUS?

During his campaign, Trump at one time said each of the following:

  • If the economy tanked, we could renegotiate the debt
  • If interest rates rose, we could “refinance” the debt by buying back old debt at discounted oprices and issuing new debt with a higher interest rate
  • We can’t really default because we print money (i.e. we could monetize the debt

All of these are quite bad, but it’s what we got from him.

However, I’m not worried. He’s a great deal maker. He’ll find a way.

A nice Tea Party rally?

One of the mysteries during the period of impeached president Trump’s presidency is what happened to the debt clock on Fox News.

Obama was trying to destroy America. Trump is trying to Make America Great Again. That’s the difference.


Why don’t you ask him?

You’re asking a question that no one here can answer

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Trump did say fixing the debt was easy.

Seeing as how it’s exploded under him he’s an idiot, and the herd of independent thinkers no longer care and will pretend they never cared about it, amirite? Moo moo moo.


Of course people here can answer it - by citing his own words.


How can increasing our debt make America great again?

We’re mortgaging our children’s future. That was talk radio’s mantra during Obama’s years. Today, not so much.

Not that I have any kids, but it’s the principle of the thing. The US deficit is a Ponzi scheme, always robbing Peter to pay Paul. Eventually Paul’s gonna run out of money and so will be.

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Then maybe the OP should have done what you did and answer his own question.

I’m assuming that he wanted to start a discussion on the subject so that people like you might have their eyes opened to the destruction Trump is wreaking on this country.

Why don’t you read the info at the links I provided and then share your opinion of Trump’s ability to lead the US out of the deficit destruction we’re spiralling into?

Once he figures out how to blame it on dems, it’ll be a big emergency to drastically slash spending on entitlements.


The only way to fund military and a wall was to pander to Democrat demands for excessive spending on their pork. Without a strong military and a wall, the USA would very soon have ceased to have viable defenses. It’s called prioritising and politics.

The Dems fault!..Took a bit, but we got there…lol.

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Good. We agree! :slight_smile:

Give Trump a little time. He has to find all the Infinity Stones so he can snap his fingers and eliminate debt and deficits.


Our national debt is something that truly scares me for the future generations. Children that haven’t even been born yet…will be saddled with debt. If anyone remembers, that’s how “we” all began…taxation without representation. If interest rates rise, “we” won’t be able to service the debt. If…we can’t service it, is there any other country on this planet that has a strong economy? If so, their money may then become the gold standard of the world. If that happens, we’ll lose our ability to print money, that has a respected value in this same world. Then…everything as “we” know it, changes. That’s too much risk folks for tomorrow and frankly, I’m not seeing the rewards today. What the ■■■■ is going on? Spending is out of control and all of us should be united in influencing our reps to cut WASTEFUL spending. How “waste” is determined…is the secret.

So what we need to do then is elect an outright socialist or extreme lefty to bring us free healthcare and college tuition. While we’re at it, let’s open our borders and allow people from all over the world to come in freely and partake of our wonderful benefits because they’re FREE after all. In fact, maybe the US should just set the example and make everything free. The rest of the world would then quickly follow suit, make everything free and then the entire debt problems of the world are gone. No one owes anything for anything because everything’s free.

The solution is so simple even a liberal can understand it.


Why was there a need to pay for the wall; the impeached president Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall?


When you think small, one tends to miss the fact that by completing the wall, just the savings alone will pay for it many times each year, there after. Since the majority of those expenses would have been spent on Mexicans, one could conclude that in a backwards way, Mexico did pay for the wall. Isn’t that cool? :sunglasses:

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