What is the goal of the climate bill again?

Most people buying EVs are going to have that option.

No matter how you try to spin it. Making EVs more affordable is a net positive

Most people making under 75k own a home? News to me. And right now 90% of EVs aren’t eligible under this bill, not enough domestic parts. I wonder how much more it will cost if they switch to domestic parts?


Plenty of them rent homes.

My mother is on a fixed income making significantly less than $75k and owns her home. Her car is on it’s last leg. I know she wants a new car and electric makes the most sense especially since she has a solar roof

I know this will never happen because…libs…

But we are seriously beyond the point where it makes an ounce of sense to make public policy based on the climate change lie.


Yes, those videos of the ChiComs shooting off ballistic missiles and dressed rehearsals of a Taiwan invasion are sure to get the Dimbulbcrats some votes! :crazy_face:

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Conservative economic policies suck.

Remember, greed is good.

Yeah i believe the charging costs is what is lost or at least not acknowledged. Of course as demand goes up so will those costs.

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Electricity is invisible.


Yeah that and i wonder how much will be subsidized for incentives to buy ev. The government needs to sell this idea of an ev being so much more cost effecient to hook the buyer on it.


The only goal of this climate bill is taxpayer funding for more Democratic Party Solyndra schemes for their donor class.

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Agreed 100% painful as it might be if 1/2 of the countries brought bank manufacturing back to the U.S. the emission’s would be much less and cleaner.


Record remains perfect.

Perfectly wrong on everything.

So Trump was right about those comical Paris Climate. Accords.

We knew that…China confirmed it.


Less than gas.

The most popular method: Home charging
Fully recharging an electric car with a healthy range of 300 miles would require 75-100 kWh and cost $10-$14.Apr 1, 2022

We have a Volt. With our electricity provider, we can charge from 12am-3pm, for .18 kwh

Costs under $3 to fully charge. We get about 44 miles per charge in EV Mode.
We get abut 41 mpg in hybrid mode.

Most people making between $30,000 and $75,000 do.

Hmm interesting. How many 2x4s or 4x8 sheets of plywood fit into that Volt? Bags of cement, sand or gravel?

Check your math …

I have a Honda CR-V hybrid for that.
Or I borrow a friend’s truck if I need more space.
Then again, I am not in construction…so I do not find myself needing a truck very often.

My wife drives the Volt…sometimes she goes weeks without putting gas in. Oil changes are every 6-8 months.

Now grow up and open the other eye too.

Let this sink in for a while…