What is the goal of the climate bill again?

Anyone following climate change knows China is cooking the globe while the west enacts new laws that will do absolutely nothing other than cost a lot money.

I noticed this little tidbit of news barely getting any coverage after Pelosi’s visit with China.

BEIJING — China declared Friday it was stopping all dialogue with the United States on major issues, from climate change to military relations,

So there you go the biggest cookers of the planet are taking their coal ball and going home not that they could be trusted anyways. There is nothing the U.S. can do to offset the climate frying the CCP is currently engaged in.


The ChiComs have been launching missiles and conducting war games giving the appearance they’re 'bout to take Tiawan by force so America is going to do this:

Back in school we used to call it “mine’s bigger than yours”

Gonna need more than one battle group if unlikely event occurs.

Time for a good old fashioned Cold War stare down.

How is Taiwan’s carbon ESG footprint?

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Why Pelosi went to Taiwan at just the moment Xi has to do something to turn the Party bosses’ attention away from China’s faltering economy is beyond me.

She could have still gone…but at a later date when Xi wasn’t under such internal pressure.

I wonder how many Americans understand that as “hard line” as we think Xi to be, the real hardliners in China are way, WAY worse.

It was a stupid visit.

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As Robert Gates, former defense secretary in the Obama administration, once put it, Biden has “been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”


And why did she go so soon after being pressured to sell her criminally aquired NVIDIA stock at a loss? And how about it being the very week her Co-sot husband was appearing in court after his courtesy card failed to get him out of his DUI?


It’s so cute the way you pretend Nancy Pelosi gives a ■■■■ about any other human being on the planet or any political ramifications her scumbaggery causes.


There are many Democrats in Congress who have investments in green technology companies and so this will boost their investments. It’s also to give the Dems another policy win going into the midterms.


So, what was the goal of Pelosi’s trip again?


The US helped create this mess when they allowed our manufacturing to leave the US, which companies chose to do due to the heavy financial burden of our pollution laws and then allow those products produced in this manner, to then be shipped back into the US. Our government shares the fault here with China…just like the creation of this virus that has killed millions and cost the world trillions. So…who do I get frothed with first…China…or our government?


Well, do you think chips will cost more before or after China invades Taiwan?

Well… hell…


It’s not like the people eligible for them can afford one anyway. Income cap is 75k, don’t think 7500 off is going to make a tesla affordable for them. They will buy the much cheaper Chinese imports that will be here soon instead.


Automakers have been privately concerned about the proposal’s requirements for vehicles’ batteries and critical-mineral contents to be sourced from the United States.

They should get them from the United States. It’s going to cost more because we don’t live in squalor here. Then offset the higher cost with the tax credits.

Policies like these should be premptive preparations to avoid a situation 15 years down the road when automakers can’t source batteries just like they can’t get chips now.

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And here I am about to get my wife a Chevy Spark. :roll_eyes:


How about the $28k Nissan Leaf. The $7500 makes that affordable for a whole lot of people making under 75k

This is the electric car I want. Hopefully they’ll put the concept into production soon

Rich white folks problems.

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No, I wouldn’t call 21k affordable for someone making under 75k, not coupled with inflation and rising housing costs at any rate.

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It is when the cost is being offset by the lack of gas bill

Might want to look into what charging costs are. Not cheap, not if you can’t charge at home at any rate.