What is the difference

In the obama admin launching an investigation regarding candidate Trump using foreign assets and overseas activities while a member of that admin is the front runner


The trump admin launching an investigation into candidate Biden using foreign assets and overseas activities?

What do you think the difference between these two things are?

Obama wasn’t running against Trump… and Obama never asked foreign nations to investigate his probable political opponent in an upcoming election.


A federal warrant issued by the judiciary… next


Democrats > Republicans

Right, his Secretary of State was.

No? Nobody asked (and paid) Steele to dig up dirt? The FBI and DOJ weren’t involved? A “counterintelligence” investigation wasn’t launched involving Russians?


For the brit bundle?

Hillary didn’t call another foreign leader with a “do us a favor” conversation. Neither did Obama. Trump did. It’s confirmed. But that doesn’t bother you. Hillary and Obama do. Isn’t that strange?


Right, she hired a foreign spook to call them and ask for the favor. Cut outs are good.

Does it bother me? Or is it the hypocrisy?

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Trump > America

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Yeah that is completely false.

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Well for starters military aid to an ally currently under attack, was not being paused and then used as a bargaining chip on the orders of the president…


Hillary, as SOS, didn’t call a foreign leader directly to do “a favor”. Trump, AS PRESIDENT, did. There is no hypocrisy here.

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No it isn’t.

I already agreed she hired a spook for a cut out.

If you say it enough doesnt make it true.

The Ukraine is not an ally. Under attack from whom?

Ok, two cut outs.

It’s a complete fabrication. Steele was never in contact with any foreign government, never had any “favor” requests and certainly never offered policy in return for it.

Why are Trumpers so completely detached from facts?


Ok, are you just playing? You’re putting us on right? There’s no way someone this active on a political message board doesn’t know the answers here.

Stop pretending. Trump isn’t worth it.