What is the difference between a bailout and aid?

Here’s the way I see it.

A bailout is when a company is so poorly managed that it drives itself into near bankruptcy and needs a government check to survive.

Aid is when a thriving industry does nothing wrong and the government orders people not to patronize that business. So the business begins to fail through no fault of their own. So we temporarily help them stay alive.

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I was told this is a silly concept in the Draft thread.

If PUBLIC funds are going towards rescuing a PRIVATE business, that’s called a bailout.


The airlines spent the past decade using billions to buy back stocks instead of having adequate cash reserves for a downturn.

If they take a bailout, then it should be with terms that make it happening again less likely.

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If we’re going to give the airlines billions of dollars every decade when anything bad happens shouldn’t we be talking about nationalizing the industry. This pattern of privatizing the gains and socializing the losses has got to stop.


By whom? :thinking:

We’re not giving them anything. We took away their customer base. Democrats would prefer that travel/ tourism employees be put on public assistance. Republicans would rather they return to their jobs and make money. Lots and lots of money.

Why do the CEOs need bonuses and stock buybacks in order for their workers to go back to work. That makes absolutely no sense


Thanks for your opinion. Welfare, food stamps and unemployment are also socialism. I’d rather have these people return to their jobs. How bout chu?

Not if it means worsening the pandemic.

Why do CEOs need million dollar bonuses in order for that to happen?

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I agree with you. They don’t. I take issue with that. It needs to be addressed. The overpaid CEO’s need to sacrifice bigly. But their money is not enough to keep the company afloat. My CEO brought in a salary of 18.5 Million last year. To me that’s a crime. No moral justification for it.

Its because the CEOs make the business successful. Thus why they need bonuses. The peon workers don’t do anything for the company except complain and want things like health insurance.


Then you should be on the same page as Democrats on this particular issue. It’s not that they don’t want the companies given aid. They just want a little bit of assurance that money goes to helping the company and not those controlling it


No disagreement from me on that.

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Yep. This should be one of those rare occasions where we’re all on the same page

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I am.

On that particular issue.

And it seems like an easy restriction to add to the package. Pols seeking to block such a provision are choosing a bad hill to die on.


I think struggling American workers should get a little help and their jobs protected as much as possible. The dems are not offering any.

Depends on who is offering the money.

If Republicans are offering… its aid
If Democrats are offering … it’s a bailout

D Trump said he was in favour when asked whether the federal government should take equity in companies that receive money from the bailout.