What is QAnon? Q 17 bakers clowns

I have been noticing QAnon at some social gatherings. They show up, don’t threaten or get violent, and don’t cover thier faces. Exactly who are they? What do they believe??? And, what the ■■■■ are they all about??? Who is their leader???

Here’s an example.

Hmmmmmmmmmm. That is interesting.

It has multiple segments of what’s currently happening from a right wing POV

Oh God not more of this ■■■■■■■■.

Q anon is somewhat like pizzagate on steroids, it’s so bananas that even the usual crowd of conspiratards (Alex Jones et al) have called it out as nonsense.

Their “leader” is most likely an anonymous 4chan troll laughing his ass off.

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Got you perked up Mr MoleUK. How is the crime in UK doing these day? Anything sharper than a butter knife is dangerous. :smile: :wink: :eyes:

This may be a drug induced dream, Bro. Did you get your info from DNC talking points.

Yeah, yeah…let’s all believe what the left has to say about the right. There’s no bias what soever. :sunglasses:


What? That’s literally the basis of the whole Qanon thing. That Mueller is secretly working for Trump, and that the Russia investigation is all cover for the real investigation into Clinton, Obama, Soros et al for running a paedophile ring.

What did you think Qanon was about?

Qanon is just a group of right wing extremists using the internet to gather followers like ISIS does.

I’ve been reading their forums for a while and how they blindly follow/believe one anonymous individual is beyond ■■■■■■■ nuts.

Does adam schiff have a group too.

Hmmm…how would you describe QAnon?

I don’t dive too deep into anything but I’ve heard that one too. Sounds ridiculous…doesn’t it? I immediately flushed it but there’s more out there my friend. Keep looking and listening. What I posted is a video that comes out most every morning and it’s a hodge podge of what’s going on. Take or leave what you want but…all of it is NOT bull feces.

What is nuts to one is not nuts to another. Look at the followers of house coat hillary.

QAnon is basically the Tea Party in 2018.

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You’ve gotten pretty deep into those rabbitholes.

It’s the basis of the entire conspiracy theory. Don’t know what else to tell you.

Nah bro, they’re ■■■■■■■ nuts. Everyone’s a pedo to these numbnuts.
Btw, Hillary lost bro, get over it.

Nothing…let’s just do what we’ve been doing for the last number of years and discuss it. As time is going by and more and more is revealed…we can look back and compare notes.

It is not that hard. You take angry weak minded individuals use the central tenant how they identify religion/politics then build on beliefs that they hold. Until you go to the extreme.