What is Propaganda and Why Do Dems Feed Upon It Like Hogs At The Trough?

I think it’s more that he has a low opinion of women, so he thinks he’s cleverly insulting you and Black Wolf by intimating that you are women.

I would say I’m flattered, but he does this with nearly everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

Why do you think he thinks calling someone a woman is an insult? Do you think it’s a general belief in their inferiority or do you think he was hurt once?

Who can say.

Why don’t conservatives own more media outlets? Why don’t they start companies like Google or Facebook?

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There must be a reason…

Donald Trump

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American democrat party.<<

correction MOT.

American Democratic Party.

Founded by Andrew Jackson in 1828.

I know not of the “democrat party” which is said by the ignorant.


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I know that Ms. C and I like yuz. Don’t care for your scabby booger picking radical carpet glue sniffing pals on here but I like yuz. Carry on!

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Talking to paid internet trolls assigned to Hannity forum is useless.

They don’t even care that America is under attack. This is their job. Their paltry salary, is their lifeblood.

Their sole goal is to derail discussion. They are mechanical people reading off scripts and taught to follow their supervisors. These are boileroom trolls.

They are the only jobs Bush and Obama admins created.


We all await the Beckian level proof of your allegations.

And where is my check

Ahhhhh. The sweet satsfaction of incoherent ramblings followed by a meme. That is just like a big internet hot fudge sundae.

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Seriously I need to see if I can get in on this. That’s over three years back pay of you include the old forums. :wink:

So absurb. “We have a hot one, The b is back” hop on that!

As if these people have passionate beliefs…sickening.

Which ones of us are paid?

The worst.

What gets me is how losers throw their lives away, accepting jobs like this. Selling their soul, leaving them empty shells.

Shills are shells. Empty shells. Depleated, disgraces.

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No really… who here is paid?

I am beginning to think this is projection…

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There are some that aren’t paid. “We save money by using as many useful idiots as possible.”

Clinton and Bush admins did it too.

Blaming Russia is a ruse…

This is shift work…they have supervisors… wasted lives. They don’t even care about issues. The bland people, with no strong views are hired.

They do know that with the Trump deepstate overthrow, their jobs are at risk.

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I wish I could get paid for putting up with this nonsense. Talk about some easy cash!

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