What is Propaganda and Why Do Dems Feed Upon It Like Hogs At The Trough?

The dictionary explanation of propaganda reads thus:

…information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

  • There is Fox television news (Fox opinion programming is a separate issue.). It’s 70/30 biased in favor of conservative causes.

  • There are a handful of major pro social media conservative outlets, Breitbart being chief among them. The others being considerably lesser.

  • There are a handful of mixed assets with very minor viewership. TheBlaze is an example.

Then there is the rest of the media…worldwide, that is the dedicated propaganda arm of the American democrat party. There you will find zero dissenting views. It’s the dem party line all the time.

Thousands and thousands of outlets and operations slaved to the American left and the American democrat party. Add the full output of Hollywood to this leftist brew.

By all logic and common sense conservatism at this point should be dead and buried after the fake propaganda news pile on. Dead as last week’s toilet paper.

And yet conservatism not only lives but thrives. A large chunk of the reason is while conservatism definitely has a POV (Point of View) it does not explain itself using propaganda. Conservatism is pragmatic and conservatism is truthful. Conservatism does not decide what the truth ought to be and then set out to validate it at any cost… Conservatism presents the facts first and then decides last.

As Rush oft states… He (and other conservatives) live in Realville. And conservatives aren’t stuck up. There is still plenty of room in Realville. Study, learn, see what’s real and what’s made up…and once you get your brain unplugged from the insidious MSDNC programming, we await you with open arms. Come join us.
In other propaganda news: Darling of the left, Google…the company that is actively censoring right wing search results stuns even commielibs with its latest treachery…

Google admits to secretly working on a search engine for China with built-in censorship features

Teri Webster (ToBlazes)

Amid growing concerns about online censorship, Google is secretly working on a search engine product for China with built-in censorship features.

What is going on?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai told employees on Thursday that the company is working on a censorship called Dragonfly and it is still in an “exploratory” stage, The Intercept reported.
Not particularly oddly…many of the left wing anti-American commenters on the Hannity Forum have espoused outright admiration for the propaganda and censorship accomplishments of the left wing propaganda media. One may have noted, “It worked for Stalin. It worked for Hitler. It will work for us!”


Ms. Wolfie can’t refute so she quotes liberal scripture.

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I now know the liberal propaganda diamond has many facets of Miss Piggy Daniels. :sunglasses:

From a former Fox analyst.

Fox isn’t immoral, it’s amoral,” he noted. “It was opportunistic. Trump was just a gift to Fox and Fox, in turn, is a gift to Trump. It’s a closed loop. And so people that only listen to Fox have an utterly skewed view of reality.”

Better look in the mirror.

For folks who keep falling for Republican Scandal Mongering, to label anything as propaganda if pretty ■■■■■■■ ironic.

yeah, but be glad this thread wasn’t about gold or cashing out.

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Your threads are the work of a left wing troll designed to make conservatives look like idiots. Why refute?


People that only listen to the MSM , while faithfully regurgitating LW talking points, have an utterly skewed view of reality.

Better look in the mirror.

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When you look this good it is easy to.

Who is this “one may have noted” you refer to?

Or is the “may” just code for, “I’ll make it up,” ?


Explain, HOW, the LEFT, with a WORLDWIDE dedicated PROPAGANDA NETWORK, a DEEP STATE control of all FEDERAL JUSTICE and MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of ILLEGALS voting en masse for LIBERAL CANDIDATES including HILLARY; how did Democrats end up at the bottom of the WASHINGTON D.C. 3 + 1 POWER STRUCTURE?

3 + 1 = House of Representatives + the Senate + the White House and as the date to the party, the Plus One, soon to be a Republican controlled Supreme Court.

It is amazing the enormously absurd conspiracy theories that Right wingers seem to be able to pull out of thin air (among other places) that just so totally contradict reality.


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Fair easy to re-explain for the 10 millionth time. Turns out, amazingly, that cheaters (cheating poldems) don’t win. Who woulda thunk it?

Rage on chillerns and while you’re at it…


Actually that explains nothing.

But thanks for the worthless effort on your part. :hugs:

You’re most welcome Ms. C. As always the helpless cannot be helped. But I try.

Oh and lest we forget… UP WITH -CORTEZ!

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So does Ocasio-Cortez.

Why do you refer to Black Wolf and Lou C as Ms.?

Aren’t they guys?

I don’t know if the posters in question are men or women, but MrOldTimer3.0 does it because he thinks women are weak and bad and to use a feminine descriptor is a sick burn.

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Some Democrats feed on it for the same reason some Republicans feed on it.

I are a guy.

I know.

My mother had me tested.

Not only that there is no way I could trick my wife, she is sharp as a tack that woman is.

Just humor Mr Old Timer, he is old and feeble, it will be too much for him to try to make that change now.


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He’s not the first person to try and turn something that frightens him into an object of ridicule.