What is going on?

The thread I started about the church shooting in Texas was deleted because of the video.

Supposedly videos of shootings are now off limits from what I read.

Yet we posted, and discussed dozens of videos of other shootings in the past, particularly the Las Vegas Shooting a couple of years ago and that was perfectly acceptable.

Now I see photos posted of the moment the “shooter” was himself shot and that is I guess acceptable.

When the rules appear to be set on mobile goal posts it is impossible to know what is/isn’t within the rules nor to avoid violating them.

Some consistency would be very helpful.


We posted police shooting here many times before.

I’ve posted that hallway shooting of unarmed man crawling on the floor…poor guy was shot on his knees.


I’m not throwing snowballs at the mod’s but this makes no sense to me, anymore than saying AntiSemitic violence is not political.

I try to follow the rules and post threads in the appropriate sub forum but it’s just not possible when there is no consistency or logic to “the rules”.

That video is prime example how it’s done…and it shown everything that libs said would happen to be false.

IMO that was text book example that everyone should see.

I will be using it as a teaching example probably for as long as I keep teaching but this probably isn’t the thread for this discussion.

Hopefully the mod’s will weigh in and give us some appropriate guidance.

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Remember this is a PG rated board. Anything that goes way beyond that is not allowed on the board.

threads get moved or deleted all the time( not that I am complaining). It is a fact of life. Links to improper material, links with no synopsis, things posted in politics that should not be posted in politics.

It just happens. The moderators make it clear to us all the time that often it is judgement calls that they make at the time. I’d just have to say get used to it. There generally is no ill intent on the part of the Moderators…

They are in charge and as such it’s there call on whether something is appropriate is it not?


We’ve been showing, dissecting, and examining every detail of much more graphic shooting vids’ here for more than a decade.

The Constant “reinterpreting” based on personal preferance of the rules makes the utterly impossible to follow.

It is also impossible to even understand how to proceed in the future to stay within said rules because everything has for some become so arbitrary.

Another great example.

No one can argue that hate crimes of any type especially Antisemitic attacks are not political logically yet this thread is buried in OTW.

Without consistency it seems like bear traps are being laid everywhere to be snapped while we try to navigate between them.

I would strongly suggest some discussion both publicly with us, and privately by the Mod Staff and their highers to set some rules and consistently enforce them rather than laying minefields between traps to be fired off arbitrarily.

We can’t do anything as posters to make this place better or make it easier for y’all without that kind of consistency.


This certainly seems to be in short supply around here lately.