What if Trump won't go?

Didn’t we have this same thread about Obama and Bush.

…and what if he invites Putin…to move in the WH? OMG!!! Russians…RUSSIANS…RUSSIANS.


I was about to write the same thing.

The roles change, but the story remains the same…

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The difference though is this time we have Trump supporters openly suggesting it

Trump will have every justification for bragging about winning the most difficult and lucrative post in the world as a complete novice and outsider.

Then he became the best President in numerous decades.

Brag on Orange dude…Brag on.



Deja vu what some on the right were saying near the end of Obama’s Presidency.

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He will complain on twitter.

Yeah well…we’re not even half way through. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

The Atlantic just likes to start off pretending he is going to lose. Makes them feel better.

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Meh…no worries.
The same what if question was said about President Bush and President Obama so I figure this is no different.
He’ll go because the constitution said so.

Yep. Huckabee and Jerry Falwell Jr are going to be marching up Pennsylvania Avenue. That makes it sound so much more credible.

:rofl: Okay.

i dont think he will be able to tweet from a jail cell

He has to win because if he don’t, the southern district of New York will be waiting as soon as he try to step foot on that helicopter.

Another opinion piece by what used to be a great media outlet until Trump was elected. Now they rely on Trump derangement syndrome for click-bate.


Eh, a couple of knuckleheads who make money by being provocative.

Jose Serrano and Guy Vander Jagt were congressmen who argued for repeal of the 22nd so their guys (Obama and Clinton for Serrano, Reagan for Jagt) could stay in office. Now, they weren’t (aloud, anyway) saying it was just for their guy but the intent was the same.

There’s a few hundred million people here - half of them are below average intelligence. :slight_smile:

Never underestimate the power of the cult

I know. A few years back I used to be able to read CNN regularly. The Atlantic has gone the same route.

Yes, but with Obama, some R’s on the board truly believed that Obama would not step down. They were that convinced. AM radio is good like that.