What if Trump won't go?

Just saw an interesting article at the Atlantic. Apparently some Trumpers say, including Huckabee, that Trump has been treated soooo unfairly that he should be given a third term.

If he loses the next election, but refuses to leave, what should Security do? Let him stay or evict him?

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What would be wrong with that?

Then we will support him against liberals.

Liberals porn?

Needless pearl clutching. When Donald’s time is up he’ll step down, either with grace or tossed out on his ass.

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Fantasy, it’s never going to happen.

GAH! This ■■■■ again?


What was old, is new again. :crazy_face:


Can we not?

Well, I mean, gas prices don’t appear to be going anywhere near $7 a gallon, so why not?





the Russians will be happy

Yellowstone!!! Just wait. You’ll see!

Oldies but goodies.

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All long gone. I say we cherish this moment. lol

Do you really think he’ll step down with grace??

I hope not. After what he has been through he should be president for life.

I’m shocked he is sticking around for another term…If elected.

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Oh he won’t step down without reminding us that he was the best POTUS, businessman, husband, father, athlete, genius, and sex machine in the history of ever. What I mean by grace is whether he can do it without echoing his sycophant trolls like Huckabee who say he deserves a third term.