What if Trump won't go?

But are you saying that the OP and some other liberal posters in this thread are not sincere?
Are you saying the Atlantic is full of it?

Of course trump will go, but he will make it as difficult as possible.

Yeah, I mean, where would the Atlantic get such a crazy, left-wing-nutjob idea? Oh, wait. . .

“As the former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee tweeted, President Trump ‘will be eligible for a 3rd term due to the illegal attempts by Comey, Dems, and media , et al attempting to oust him as @POTUS so that’s why I was named to head up the 2024 re-election.’”

They wrote an entire hypothetical article about Trump trying to take over the country based on a stupid tweet by Huckabee.
Yes, you are correct. The Atlantic is full of it…as was Huckabee with that tweet.

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That’s not true.

I found this.

In 2018, Steamboat erupted 32 times, a new record for a single calendar year! That record was shattered in 2019 with 48 eruptions. So far the geyser has erupted 1 time in 2020.

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Yes and I use to read the Atlantic it’s sad to watch them go down the same path the past few years.

Falwell Jr also advocated that Trump lost 2 years and should be allowed to fulfill that.

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Also, Trump has joked several times about serving more than two terms and has repeatedly called our national elections fraudulent.

Are you all serious? I hope not. TDS is real.

All it takes is for left leaning mag to write some preposterous article and as long as it is anti Trump, we will see it in this forum.
And yet we hear complaints about “the CEC”…

I don’t think there’s any real danger that Trump will serve more than two terms. But considering that he’s repeatedly joked about it and thinks our elections are fake, and at least one high-ranking Republican thinks it’s a good idea, it shouldn’t be a surprise that people are talking about it.

They didn’t come up with this idea out of thin air.

I am much more concerned about Trump supporters not accepting a loss than Trump himself trying to overstay his term.

One of the goals of Russian interference into our elections is to establish distrust for the mechanism and process of our elections. I think it’s working and I worry that if Trump loses, lots of Americans will be unwilling to accept that he lost fair and square.

I can hear it now, “How could he have possibly lost?! Just look at the crowds at his rallies. It must have been the 3 million illegal aliens casting votes that tipped the scales against him. Corrupt deep state operatives made this happen.”

And even if he left office, I could see Trump fanning the flames of deep state conspiracies and illegal voters gone wild.

It’s a BIG problem if Americans don’t trust their elections.

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Your mean like this:

Not our President!


Investigate them…they stole the election!

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You pretty much just described Hillary supporters and Hillary herself post the 2016 election.


I guess then we would have let him stay in office. What other choice would there be? :rofl:

That toothpaste has already escaped the tube.

No not like that. I don’t have any problem for much of what you offer as an example above. Both sides do much of that.

Conservatives for example said Obama was not their president. They held signs and printed T-shirts stating the same. They publicly stated that it was their intent to oppose him at every option and to make him a one term President. Heck, our host started his radio show every day for 8 years with the claim that he was part of the “stop Obama express.” That’s partisanship but it is acceptable as far as I am concerned. It’s just political speech. Protest is indeed patriotic.

I have no problem with an FBI investigation into Russian interference no matter who wins–especially when it concludes, backed by ample evidence, that Russians interfered in sweeping and systemic fashion. Trump didn’t steal the election, but our intelligence agencies did conclude that there was Russian interference.

What is unsettling is when people believe in crazy stories that have little to no basis in fact and then use that as justification to completely distrust the election process–to the point that they are ready to take up arms.

I am apprehensive about people wanting to start civil war over “3 million illegal voters” where there is scant evidence to support their belief in widespread voter fraud.

Did you really fear that liberal women in pink hats peacefully protesting were going to violently overthrow their government?

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