What if the blue wave doesn't happen?

It’s possible. After all, we are looking at the same media and polling organizations who claimed Donald Trump had zero chance to defeat the witch. So what will happen if they are wrong again? I’m predicting riots. After all, we are talking about people who are ruled by their emotions. If they don’t like what a speaker is saying, they shout down the speaker. If they don’t like who a business associated with, they try to run them out of business. They harass people who are simply trying to have dinner with their families. If they don’t like the red hat someone is wearing, they steal it. If they don’t like a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, they beat it with a sledge hammer. If they don’t like a statute, they tear it down. Some of them even destroy businesses that they know nothing about. It’s all about them and their feelings. If they feel like doing something, they just do it. Screw the rights of anybody else.

So. If the blue wave doesn’t happen, how bad will the temper tantrum be?

Please refresh my memory on who it is lately talking about riots and revolt if they don’t get their way?

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I think many blue collar D are liking Trump policy and will quietly support him and his supported candidates.

Only the media will throw fits with Pelosi and Schumer.

I am sticking by my prediction that Lou Barletta will defeat Bob Casey Jr in PA Senate race.

Bob has done ZERO campaigning. Too busy napping and following Nancy Pelosi on twitter.

It’ll be bad.
Mental institutions filling up with liberals.

Trump and the Trumpublicans will have free reign to destroy every norm, alliance and decorum there is. Sessions will be fired, the Mueller probe ■■■■ down, and likely, they’ll start trying to jail political opponents.

If you think I’m going to far, go read some pre WWIi history.

No it won’t. We’ll be bummed out, then disillusioned, then we’ll get our ■■■■ together work hard on 2020. You guys, on the other hand…


I think you’ve got your history backwards. Defeat at the polls brought out the Brown Shirts.

Who actually did it?

“lately”. :rofl:

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It will be a ripple IMO and the leftists will once again be fit to be tied.

They are late! They have the house and senate right now and have had it for almost two years. And nobody has been jailed. What on Earth are they waiting for? Didn’t Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper fear being sent away to special gay camps? Well when exactly is that supposed to happen? Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel are asleep at the switch. Get moving boys!

Me thinks your paranoia is a little silly.

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Democrats aren’t going to riot in the streets and smash business windows because they underperformed in a mid-term election. Give me a ■■■■■■■ break.


Still happening quite often in Portland it seems.

I. for one, won’t wave back.

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Mr. 911 Rudy?

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I wouldn’t want to be vicinity of libs if they don’t take back the house…it’s going to be messy when there heads explode.

Why would that happen?

You guys are too funny. And for the most part the polls were correct when it came to the popular vote. There are no polls regarding the EC.

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They argue that polls are pointless and wrong while their hero President brags about them on Twitter.

538 has Dem chance of taking the house at 73%. That’s pretty rough this far out.

If we have a blue wave, Trump will essentially be vetoing everything Congress does.

If we don’t have a blue wave, Republicans will be infighting among themselves for another 2 years and perhaps getting 1 or 2 major bills to a vote over the next two years.

Either way, don’t look for too much to be accomplished in the next 2 years.

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Nice job, starting off with a falsehood.