What has Trump Accomplished?

Not by a long shot.

Cracking down on illegal immigration
Tax cuts
Rolling back over agressive regulations
Killing DACA and turning it over to congress who has the authority on something like that (Yes I know the courts have cried foul that a program created BY a president can’t be recinded by a president).
His picks (mostly) for the courts

He’s actually done a LOT.

At his rally last night Trump told the crowd that Obamacare is “failed experiment” then added “but wait till you see the plans we have coming out, literally, over the next four weeks, we have great health care plans coming out.”

Here we go again. Anybody want to guess what the reaction was when McConnell and Ryan heard this?
I believe that Republicans on the hill want no part of going through this dance again. Repeal and replace will continue to be one of his main campaign promises not accomplished.

Nothing. Ignore him.

You don’t know whether the regulations being rolled back are overly aggressive. There are a lot being rolled back. Regardless why does it matter for you guys if they are overly aggressive. If it is a regulation why should it exist?

Stop that. :joy:

It’s like the consumer protection bureau.

Temp guy Trump put in, is scaling it back to what it is authoried by law to do.

I had a debate with someone on the other board about that being the right thing to do.

The other person said but the stuff they are doing away with is good for consumers. So I asked who authorized it. Answer, the person in charge of the agency. Me: So they pulled it out of thin air with no authorization from congress. Answer: But it’s good for consumers, and it’s needed. Me: Shouldn’t congress pass a new authorization. Answer: Log jam congress, they won’t pass anyting.

It’s things like that. Like killing DACA and telling congress to pass something in relation to it.

It’s like starting the roll back of fuel efficiency that, as it stands right now can’t be reached (think of ford phasing out all but two lines of passenger cars for crossovers/suv’s/trucks

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Nah. I disagree here. Hillary was/is every bit the Warhawk as Bolton and other neocons. She would have likely ramped up our military involvement against ISIS and maybe even started a war with Russia and/or North Korea. Especially as the first female POTUS, her attitude would be to prove she is every bit as ruthless as a man when it comes to showing off American military might.

Yep, she would have to prove she had huevos.

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