What has Trump Accomplished?

Weather you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I ask you this??? If Hillary had won, instead of Trump, how bad or good would things be for each subject?

If Hillary had won:
No 2nd Amendment come Jan 21 2017
Guns would be confiscated and melted down.

No Christian Religion allowed.
Church would be replaced with Free Abortion Sundays and Islam.

The army, navy and airforce would have been disbanded and sold iff.

The borders would be torn down and illegals would be welcome.

Fox news staff would be executed on live tv and everyone would be firced to watch.

All this the first week she took office.


I think that’s a little radical. Some of it may be true.

That would have taken her at least a month.

The White House would be full of war mongers and Wall Street cronies. Of course they’d be different war mongers and cronies than the ones currently there but their end goal would be pretty much the same

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Same ■■■■ different day.

That is because you are unhinged.

If Hillary had won, instead of Sanctuary States being at odds with the DOJ, the DOJ would be going after states that tried to hold or report illegal alien criminals. Hillary stated that she supported sanctuary cities and believed Obama was too strict in enforcing immigration laws.
Immigration reform would mean huge increases in refugees and family immigration. It takes a village would become bring that village here.
The FBI and DOJ and CIA would have continued their politicization. We would not hear about Russian interference in our election but that Russian money would still be coming in to Bill. White House rooms would again be rented out to the highest bidder.

Are posts like this really all you folks have left to offer?

There would be a deadlock on any substantive new legislation and she’d be burning up the desk with her pen and phone in a continuation of Obama’s rule by EO.

She would have tried an end around both congress and The Constitution and attempted to enact an “Assault Weapons” ban by EO, a dramatic increase on the cost of ammunition and reloading equipment and components by tax increase.

DACA would have been reauthorized.

Border enforcement efforts would have been quashed.

The Iran deal would have been reauthorized.

We would have long since caved to Kim’s demands and probably be in the process of, if not already completed a withdrawal from the peninsula by US forces.

Isis by now would control most if not all of Syria, most of Iraq, and much if not most of Afghanistan.

She would have at least attempted to enforce a 15.00 minimum wage on all federal contracts and to force one for the private sector somehow justifying it under existing tax codes and employment law.

She would have probably enacted a complete executive amnesty for all illegals.

I’m sure there would be more but that’s a pretty good start.

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I concur with your sentiment here.
The 2016 election was about cons voting for the lesser of two evils and sadly, but not surpringly, Donald Trump’s biggest accomplishment is that every day he is in office Hillary is not.

How is that working out for us?

I thought this was supposed to be about what trump accomplished?

About as well as I thought
As Rose pointed out. Donald Trump is still not Hillary Clinton.

History has shown that sometimes
four years of a do nothing president is better than 4 years of a bad president.

We would have been better off with 6 years of no president than 6 years of Nixon. etc…
Zimbabwe would have been better off without Mugabe etc…

This isn’t a foreign concept to most people.

I’m just being honest here. The never Trumpers weren’t FOR Hillary’s platform ir leadership and no one who voted for Donald Trump is today saying "Oh darn. I should have voted for Hillary.

you still think Trump is better than Hillary in our current political state? lololol im sorry but we are rock bottom as a nation this is worse than the Nixon era

[quote=“WildRose, post:10, topic:692, full:true”]We would have long since caved to Kim’s demands and probably be in the process of, if not already completed a withdrawal from the peninsula by US forces.

Isis by now would control most if not all of Syria, most of Iraq, and much if not most of Afghanistan.[/quote]

These statements are why I’ll never be able to have a rational conversation with you about foreign policy. There’s absolutely know intellectual honesty in either of them.

The idea that Hillary would have pulled out forces out of Korea is absolute nonsense based on nothing.

And the idea that ISIL would now control most of Syria and Iraq is also absolute nonsense. And yet you try to come across as knowledgeable about the subject in other threads. How would the incredibly successful anti ISIL campaign started in the summer of 2014 have been stopped and reversed under Clinton? Answer that please.

In Iraq we had already taken half of Mosul and ISIL was falling back along the Euphrates. Was the Iraqi army trained under the Obama administration going to suddenly stop fighting? Were we going to stop airstrikes?

In Syria SDF(created, trained and supplied under the Obama administration) was five kilometers from Raqqa and Phrase III of Wrath of Euphrates was literally a week away from starting when Trump was sworn in. Clinton would have ordered it to be halted? Again we would have stopped airstrikes? SDF would have decided to stop fighting and give in to ISIL? Why would all of that have happened? SDF was rolling through ISIL in Raqqa and Hasakah. Why would that have stopped?

Say what you will about Clinton but she was much more of a hawk on Syria than Trump. And a lot of people on the previous forum(and here) criticized her for that. I do think things in Syria would be different, but not in regards to ISIL. I think we’d still be supporting rebel groups in western Syria and I think they wouldn’t have been pushed back to just essentially Idlib and Daraa, but that’s neither here nor there. But it does mean that we would actually have some say in the political solution instead of it now just being a Turkey-Russia-Assad-Iran discussion. We lost any influence we had on that under Trump which I think is a mistake. I do think with SDF and VSO(there’s only one of those now thanks to Trump) groups we would have taken control of the entire Iraqi/Syria border under Clinton. Instead Assad took a big chunk of it so there is a land bridge now connecting Iran-Iraq-Assad. But that’s debatable.


You are probably right with a lot of what you wrote except for these two. She was a chicken hawk. If anything we would have seen a bigger commitment of forces to the Syrian conflict than what Trump authorizes.

As for NK that’s laughable partisanship. Obama could have done what you described and never did

Ha! Beat me to it

What has he accomplished…

Made the US a laughingstock.

Signed a bunch of EOs.

So basically like things are now?

So basically just Trump.

Maybe, but she would have gotten slapped down by every single court along the way, including the ScotUS that would have her pick on it and a liberal majority.

So presidents can just unilaterally adjust taxes whenever they feel like it? Wow, I had no idea-why, then, did Trump need congress to enact a tax bill for him to sign, then?

The horror!

Doubtful. She supported the 2013 comprehensive, bipartisan immigration bill that would have send tens of thousands more agents to the border.

Unfortunately, the House refused to consider it.

And congress would have continued to have oversight on it via HR 1191. And that’s more that we’ve had going for us regarding Iran than we’ve had in a long time.

And here we go, down the dribbling partisan rabbit hole…

Further down the hole we go. How can you be so absurd? I mean, if Hillary was such a warmonger like you guys were claiming, and given her intervention in Libya, it’s amazing you claim she would have just cut and run from the entire middle east.

Maybe o n the first part, but you and I both know she wouldn’t have been able to do it unilaterally, and that any attempts at doing so would have been slapped down.

I don’t think Hillary would have been good for the country, and probably would have done a lot of things I would have disagreed with. No doubt she would have gotten us engaged in some conflicts we shouldn’t be, and that she would have gone way too far regarding environmental regulations (even though there are some reasonable regulations), but I’m also not going to act like one of rabid anti-Trumpers who believed that Trump’s election was the end of the US and that he was literally going to hand over the keys to America to Putin. You’re acting like one of those people right now.

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