What Has Obama Done For Our Country?

Obama said he would “fundamentally transform the US”. When he left office, he was still working on it. It’s evident that he & Hillary will just never go away now.

Of course the liberals love Obama & still worship him. From what I’ve seen, Obama has done more to divide the US than any president of my lifetime.

IMO, Obama is an evil muslim, who never wanted to do anything but destroy our country. Now here he is again on the campaign trail, trying to take credit for all the good that Trump has done & bad mouthing the good works.

The liberals have done all they can to tear apart our family values, as he shouts that he’s the fixer of all mankind.

Of course I remember when tv shows weren’t a bunch of immoral, actors bringing in filth of every kind into our homes for our kids to watch.

Many stations have brought back the moral tv shows for those of us who don’t want to watch filth, that are moral again. TV shows where the family has meals together, as the parents are raising their kids to respect our God & our country, teaching them to be patriotic & salute our flag.

Liberalism is socialism & communism in disguise. communists have been teaching our youth for intirely too long. Now Trump is cutting the legs out from under these isms bringing back patriotism & love of country. The socialist/communists now will do anything to stop Trump, however, they’re fighting a losing battle against a man (Trump) that was placed in office by “Almighty God”.

Last week I told someone, that no other person on this planet could withstand the hateful attacks from the liberals like Trump is doing. A couple of days ago, Rush said the same thing when I was listening to him.

Obama & the Clintons are evil, Trump is called to lead this country by God. It was so funny when a posting liberal replied to a post I made about Jon Voight, a conservative actor. This poster said "“Voight needs to act & shut up”. That’s what we on the right have been saying for years about the fruitcake liberal actors. LOL!


So if this all ends with democrats running the house and Trump run out of office - will this mean the godless libs conquered God? Or that you were wrong? Or that God decided not to help Trump anymore?

Framing everything in such a nuance-absent context sets you up to look very silly when things don’t go your way.


Ummm…morality…family values? Trump is your saviour? Ha ha ha!


I agree and that may well have been his strongest contribution?

Why couldn’t God make a better choice about who to do is will on Earth as it is in Heaven? Trump? Could not have God picked someone more… Godly?


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Why did God forget about America and let Obama rule the US? Was that necessary? And why this emphasis on America? Why has God not put a leader in to office in places where it could really count, like North Korea, China, or Iran, etc? What’s up with that? Are those place just unfavored, that America has some special status so we get Trump and no one else does?

IMO…from The Lord’s perspective, it’s more about how “we” play the hand were dealt, than about the hand.

I’ve heard Christians pray for many years to bring America back to morality. God has answered our prayers. When Trump decided he would run, I knew then he was our man. He beat out 16 Reps that were all well equipped. I said from the very first that Trump would win & I was never surprised.

I made a thread last year about “God has never called anyone who is perfect”.

Banging porn stars while your wife is pregnant and paying them off with hundreds of thousands of dollars is…family values?

Absolutely not. Why would you suggest that from what I agreed with?

Who are you talking about here?

The role he displayed for all Americans to observe, as a husband and a father.

Who are you talking about?

You do know the bible outright states God hates a false tongue and Trump lies pretty much everyday?

Who is Obama for $500 Alex?

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Well at the start of obamas term we were losing 100,000s jobs a month, by the end of his term we were GAINING 100,000s jobs a month.

Ummm- the moral TV shows? The ones that show a president banging porn stars, paying them off in secret hush money agreements, regularly insulting veterans, disabled people and private citizens via twitter and seeing many of his advisors plead guilty to crimes?

That TV show? It’s on everyday all day man.

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You wish. cnn istrying to make that lie real.