What Has Been the Biggest American Political Scandal of Your Lifetime?

thats easy. Fat lecherous hillbilly Clinton making up for being a loser and using his position as pres to lure looney braindead chicks to do sex acts while his young daughter sleeps down the hall, getting caught, then lying his ass off hard about it to the face of the stupid (supporting) American public and grand jury

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Let’s stick with actual scandals, not imaginary scandal mongering.


answer the question pls

They don’t care about corruption as most people understand it, ie crimes committed while on office.

For them, “corruption” means corruption of their ideology, whatever it happens to be that day.


There is no ideology anymore. Firing Mexicans into the sun and that’s your lot.

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Watergate. Hands down.

Not sure if serious.

second request…

Because it ran while Hilary was serving in the cabinet.

It was a paid influence scheme on a global scale.

Nixon wasn’t a crook. He was just doxing the DNC before the internet made it fair game.

The question was asked…I answered.

It was a scandal if not a crime.

Prove it.

Non crazy links please.

Scandal mongering. Investigated, public financials. No scandal.

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The cost of speaking and appearing for the Clinton’s dropped as their influence potential dried up.

Circumstantial works for me to answer the question with.

Sounds scandalous.

Guess where you can find a foundation that was so scandal ridden it was shut down? Actual scandal.


Ahhh. So nothing real.

Gotcha. Now back to real scandals.

Definitely when President Obama was caught using dijon mustard; I don’t know how but we’ve managed to pull through it as a nation. :us:


Imagine having a President that has a charity that is so poorly run and an actual grift that’s it gets shut down and the entire family can’t run a charity ever again.

That would be bonkers.




All of Trump’s cabinet appointments. So many CEOs, rich bitches, lobbyists, and people who kissed his ass (Ben Carson). Pretty much anyone whose goal was to do the opposite of the job’s duties were. Tillerson is the one guy who I was wrong on. It still made no sense to make a former oil executive the Secretary of State, but I knew his heart was in the right place after seeing his exit speech.