What Has Been the Biggest American Political Scandal of Your Lifetime?

I was alive during Watergate, but i was very young, so maybe during your adult lifetime might be a better question.

I’d have to go with the clinton impeachment, but only because we don’t yet know the results of the Durham investigation. And the phony Trump impeachment close behind.

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Living through it. The fallout from Trump’s corruption is gonna make Teapot Dome look like a tempest in some sort of beverage holder.


There is a ton of stuff that already happened or has come to light that would have ended anyone else.

But the supporters don’t care.

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Hillary rigging the primaries against Bernie. lol

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Like Tom price scandals never occurred

the lie of global warming


Yeah, Harding is considered the most corrupt presidential administration in history by a wide margin and all the Ohio Gang really did was just steal with both hands and take bribes. And probably killed a hooker by accident.

But that all came down to the Attorney General and his cronies treating Justice and the Interior like a grab bag of goodies. No one’s ever set this kind of example from the top. Harding was just a well meaning buffoon who wanted to get laid and drunk.

Clinton Global Foundation.

Worse than Watergate and they got away with it.

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There was a report yesterday about how the Secret Service has paid out $900,000 to Trump org.


I am sure this is just scratching the surface.

But the supporters don’t care.

How so?

Good question. There are some really good ones in recent years. Gulf of Tonkin, Watergate, the blue dress, the Trump impeachment, the Bergdahl trade. Fast and Furious. The concentration camps at the border. Benghazi. The Steele Gambit.

Hard to pick just one.

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what corruption?

It’s between the WMDs that were supposedly in Iraq and the handling of this pandemic.

So much stuff

Imagine if another President had two campaign managers and a former lawyer in jail?

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For actual scandals Reagan’s administration would be the most corrupt, for sheer number of scandals and convictions.


Iran-Contra was another one.

Yeah the wolves were in charge of the hen house there.

Unsure how many of his top people have to go to prison before you stop asking this.


Iran/Contra being the most famous but there were only 4 convictions out of that, although some pardons certainly affected that.

Nobody remembers the HUD scandals that rang up 16 convictions of Reagan admin officials.

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