What has been happening in COVID19 hospitals?

This nurse filmed undercover in Elmhurst Hospital in Queens NY, a supposedly COVID only hospital. She’s an experienced military nurse who has worked overseas in Iraq and elsewhere. What do you think of her report?

Do you have original link to this?

It’s over an hour long video. What’s in the so-called report?

The nurse points out that the hospital was placing COVID-19 patients right in with those not infected and infecting them and doing so over and over and over.


How else do you think they get to herd immunity in NYC. Gawd!

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Anti-vaccine nurse who first said COVID was a hoax and later proposed saltwater and sunlight were the cure.

It’s pointless to try and disprove what she says on here. Those that really want what someone is claiming to be true aren’t likely to be swayed.

Here’s a 15 minute video from a physician discussing the video. Much like the nurse, he’s also the internet celebrity type and over the top at times. At least he tries to make his point in a more reasonable amount of time. (Not a single person who likes what the nurse’s video says will watch this rebuttal, I know.)


Well, I watched a chunk of it, unimpressed by his evidence, anonymous people told him she was wrong, vs
Her video documentation.


Whatever you do, do not believe your own eyes.


I am not ruling out that there were rational reasons for what she showed but the rebuttal video didn’t tell me what they were.

What they did in the hospitals is beyond belief and as time goes on it will all come out. Non-covid patients died because they had to wait three days for a covid test result, to get treatment even testing negative.

And yes, they were mixed in with covid patient and staff working on covid.

They also prohibited family from visiting their non-covid elderly while delaying treatment, letting people pass away without family at their side.

This will end up being the largest group of legal actions in healthcare history. This is percolating in the minds of family who lost loved ones, due to the imposed policy and no one is going to forgive what these bastards did.


Money. Google “Erin Marie Olszewski,” the nurse in the video and see what comes up.

The Undercover Epicenter Nurse https://www.amazon.com/dp/151076366X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QPt5EbYZCEVA1

You can also find her book publisher’s page, a GoFundMe site and some (shocking) Fox News interviews where she also peddles her book.

And any of that changes her video footage how?

Like I said, people who want to believe her will believe her. For those people, it changes nothing. Some like to understand context and motive when evaluating content. For those people, it might change things. For those people who don’t understand or don’t believe context and motive can alter content, it also changes nothing.

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So far all I see is shoot the messenger and don’t believe your eyes with some anonymous people told me she’s wrong thrown in.


Point proven. Thank you.

Here’s a whole bunch of the staff at Elmhurst hospital saying she’s wrong if it makes you feel better.

Still anonymous, no idea if they are who they claim to be. However the argument that they were presumed Covid positive despite a negative test due to their symptoms makes sense. Would also be interested to know if the shorter 45 minute test were available and not used due to higher cost or just not available.

LOL. You read them? Let’s get this straight…

This person secretly and without permission records staff and patients, makes claims without verification or chance for rebuttal, posts protected health information in her video, leading to death threats against hospital employees. And they’re at fault for trying to remain anonymous?

The disconnect is astounding. People who want to believe something will continue to do so, no matter the source, the content or the consequences. That was my disclaimer in my first reply and I wish it wasn’t so painfully true.


I don’t want to or not want to believe anything. I have zero stake in it.

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It’s become a predictable pattern.

Slay the messenger.

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Edited video. It’s amazing what people will believe from the internet.

Remember the eagle kidnapping a baby.


I am surprised that people fall for it.

Hell I fell for rove indicted.

Some people will fall for this hoax.


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