What Happened to Voltaire’s Saying?

Remember? I may not like what you have to say, but I will defend your right to say it?

Apparently some employees at Amazon don’t want some paying customers reading what she has to say. Here are some reviews that were low for the same reason Ms. Owens sited:


What happened to free speech unless someone’s character is defamed through libel? How about free commerce, as in someone pays for merchandise, they should get it in good condition?

I hope if an employee is caught defacing merchandise someone else purchased their employment is terminated without benefit of compensation.

It doesn’t qualify as censorship, but it’s certainly hostile customer service. Amazon has the right to refuse to sell the book, but if they’re going to carry it then they need to ensure their employees don’t vandalize the merchandise.


well of course the nut-wit left engages in all kinds of hijinx against anyone they disagree with. they cant tolerate opposing views

property damage, destruction, even violence are what they deem “free speech”

while they deem opposing viewpoints as “hate speech”

and of course, “racist”

I’m surprised accidental fire haven’t burned em all…

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My guess is people using hand sanitizer have been handling the books and the alcohol took off some of the print.


That’s entirely too logical, but nowhere near as fun as the thought of Amazon employees crackin’ a jar of Vick’s over every Turning Point USA crate that enters the warehouse.

It only makes sense, and seeing the pictures in the article in the OP, it looks like the books were damaged, but likely unintentionally.

Owens is right in that Amazon sending out damaged copies of her book is unacceptable, but to claim victimhood is hilarious.

Why does she think it’s Vaseline?

Tons of books get damaged. As a prolific reviewer of the books I buy from Amazon it is not unusual to see reviews that comment that the book was somewhat damaged.

Amazon will replace any books that are damaged.

Its laughable to think that somehow Amazon as a corporate entity decided to deface her books.

But as we know Trump supporters see conspiracies and plots everywhere.


I can link you to a local story from my town where a right-wing “nut-wit” engaged in similar hi-jinx on private property. the left does not own the market on not tolerating opposing views and using it as a slam on an opposing political party is rather lazy and detached from reality.

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Amazon is highly automated, the workers who have to work at top speed to keep up with the automation don’t have the time or inclination to care about what people are purchasing. Guess what, Candace Owens is not exactly all that famous. If I didn’t post here I would have no idea who she was.

Oh and it’s super easy to get a damaged item replaced at Amazon. My husband does it all the time, he has to have his books and CDs pristine.

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Your husband still buys CDs???

One thousand copies of one book?

Haven’t ordered anything from them in awhile. Have read my share of the reviews & seen my share of “product was damaged”, “paint was hardened”, etc.

But 1,000 of one book? They’re going to be replacing a lot of that book.

It’s a bad look, but I don’t know. The hand sanitizer theory is entirely plausible, and those warehouse jobs were reputed to be the Seventh Circle of Hell even before the pandemic.

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Lol yes he does. Vinyl too.

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Here’s petroleum jelly:


Hand sanitizer:

From my own experience, the former is a pale yellow color & doesn’t have much of an odor, the latter, being alcohol based, is clear & has a sharp one.

I don’t buy the 1000 number. At all.

You think people working a boring job in a warehouse, across multiple warehouses in the country, across 1000s of workers who all handle items at random, care about any one particular item they handle?

It’s laughable. It’s what is so laughable about the gullible ever victimized rightists like Candace.

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I agree with her that people buying her book and getting a damaged version is unacceptable.

To claim that it is some sort of coordinated effort to harm her and her fans somehow is a special sort of grift that makes no sense.

puh-lease. by and large it’s the left

see what happens about every damn time ann coulter or ben shapiro et many al try to speak on a college/university campus

any non-lefties work at amazon?

i dont see things smeared on any maniac lefty books