What happened to Tucker Carlson?


Excellent profile on Carlson and his journey from well regarded conservative writer to…well…yeah.

Though I think perhaps the simple answer is that his previous endeavours failed so he went with the tried and tested shouty “Liberals!” pundit route.

Still, perhaps it’s just the way things will go forever more with conservative media.

What happened? He went to Fox News. Pretty much all of the hosts there are playing to their viewers fears, need for blood, and phobias about LGBTQ Americans and immigrants.

He really likes money.

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Damn Tucker…looking through the Russian collusion fog that the DC establishment and their media cronies have tried to perpetuate on the American people…while attempting to cover up their own tracks of deception…yeah…I hate that. :sunglasses:

the only thing that ever “happened to tucker” is people asking “what happened to tucker?” as though something actually “happened to tucker” which to the cnn/msnbc zombies means something did.

meanwhile seems he’s doing a good job and getting quite an audience

ps and please dont ask “did you even read the article?”

He’s doing a good job at stirring up the crazies and promoting internet conspiracy as news.


They offered him a lot of money to dumb things down for the idiots who watch him, so he said all right.

Tucker never recovered from his Jon Stewart interview, and he never will. Google it, it’s worth it.

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His ■■■■ has gotten crazy racist the last couple years that’s for sure.


Tucker has been a fantastic replacement for Bill O’Reilly.

Bill has surfaced on NewsMax with some painfully poor production quality.

Keep up the good work Tucker, you have people watching and thinking.

If he wasn’t employed by Fox News, Tucker would be a Never Trumper.

He was very reasonable when he was on CNN, MSNBC, and PBS.

while everyone else blames russia for everything

good way to be opposite of reality

Yeah, they didn’t shoot down MH17, poison anyone with novichok or interfere with US elections.

All hysteria from the libs.

Well the editor he hired to run dailycaller just got outed for moonlighting as an editor for a white supremacist site sooooo.

This is of course only the second former staffer for dailycaller who was an outright white supremacist. This editor guy also wrote that book about anti-white attitudes on campus, “No Campus for White Men”. A look through his history shows a consistent focus on race, shocker.

Oh and I think Tucker had to offer a correction in the whole “South Africa is stealing farms from the whites” recent thing as well, after causing a minor international incident.

Just a series of unfortunate coincidences.

Wait, are you suggesting that Carlson doesn’t peddle in conspiracy theories?

Pretty much, I think people see these media personalities and think they have strong convictions being either conservative or liberal. Most I believe want paid. I remember Ed Shultz being considered one of the main progressives at MSNBC now he’s working for RT as is Larry King.

wait, no. i am saying the entire media complex is, on the russia total nonsense.

i know i know fox news is the media…

This is a thread about Tucker Carlson, is it not?

Don’t you have a history of chiding others who don’t stay on the topic of the thread?

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He dropped the bow tie and became a completely different man.

Turns out it was cutting off oxygen to the racist part of his brain.