What happened to Tucker Carlson?

only when posters are intentionally avoiding the topic because they know their position is crap

kinda like your post here

now please get back to the topic

The topic is Tucker Carlson. You’re attempting to avoid it.

Dude pushes conspiracy theories and right wing internet baloney. It’s embrasssing.

shower us with examples

Ed Schultz is dead.

lol. bots dont perceive the passage of time or events very well

at least not yet

I didn’t know :frowning: rip

ann coulter is about to appear on his show.

lefties may want to strap themselves in or avoid trigger nation

Tucker Carlson used to be a respected conservative voice? I find that hard to believe.

They’re the perfect (white) power couple.

did you hear that on msnbc or was it because you were told they made an “ok” sign ?

just curious who/what controls people’s thoughts

Quite an ironic post coming from a Fox News acolyte.

no where do any of my posts indicate that i am an “acolyte” of fox news

you’re a real gem

Yeah, you rushed in here to defend Tucker Carlson because you DON’T watch Fox News. Makes sense.

oh i didnt say i don’t watch fox news

see how silly you look?

Do you know what “acolyte” means?

yep. sure do

Get your dictionary back out and look past the first definition this time. You’ll see that it means “follower or admirer.”

Joining Fox is like signing with the WWE. You play a character. And sometimes you change. Usually when you leave.


Yeah, please do, TM.

right. and no where do i indicate that i am either

: )

thanks for trying to look smart