What happened to the Jim Jordan Thread?

You know, the one about this story:

Went to the “Outside the beltway” section. I have no idea why since he’s a politician.

It was moved unless it’s now been bleachbit from the forum! :rofl:

So why all of the attention, in this article, on an assistant coach and not the head coach?

Is the “Outside the Beltway” section for special people only? Because I can’t find it.


It was moved to outside the beltway. Take away politician, and it’s an issue 10 to 20 years ago before he was a politican

It says I don’t have access.

Because the head coach was the one to finally bring the abuse to light. The assistant wanted to be left out of it and continue pretending it never happened. Both were wrong for allowing it continue but only one of them is denying accountability.

If you take away part of any of the OPs in the Politics section, they could all be moved.


Same here